Eating Pineapple Can Help You Eliminate Toxins and Lose Weight

Eating Pineapple Can Help You Eliminate Toxins and Lose Weight

Last update: 08 April, 2015

A native South American fruit, pineapple is one of the most commonly recommended fruits for body detoxification and natural weight loss by health experts all over the world. Besides, we all know how delicious it tastes, especially when fresh! In the text that follows, we’ll enlighten you about several wonderful properties that this fruit provides our bodies with.

Eating pineapples for detoxification

Pineapple rids our bodies of extra liquids due to its diuretic properties. As a result, our bodies are able to eliminate many residual toxins.

In case you’re suffering from a long-standing water retention problem, please note that it is mainly caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits like eating too much salt, sitting for too long every day and/or even because of circulatory problems. You’d be better off consulting a doctor if you have circulatory problems.

Always remember that just like any normal diuretic, pineapple should also be consumed in moderation and never excessively. Loss of excessive liquids from the body can lead to dehydration.

Eating pineapples to lose weight

As explained above, eating pineapples on a regular basis helps us eliminate extra liquids from the body, thereby reducing puffiness in the body parts where liquids normally tend to get stored, such as in the abdomen and face.

Furthermore, as pineapples have low calories and have a high water content, they can be eaten without ever having to worry about the calorie intake.

freshly cut pineapple slices

As an added benefit, the fibre content in pineapples (which you can feel instantly when you eat them) helps regulate the digestion system. This wonder fruit also contains bromelain, a very useful enzyme that processes proteins that are normally difficult to break down. It also helps to prevent uncomfortable the health conditions like flatulence, abdominal swelling, constipation, etc., which are commonly associated with difficult-to-digest food items.

Last but not least, you must ensure that you eat pineapple on the same day you cut it up, and eat it sliced to enjoy all of its benefits. Doing so will help you benefit from each one of its healthy nutrients, including the fibre content.

We hope that you’ll remember the above detailed benefits of pineapple when you next visit the supermarket. So, do include it on your shopping list!