Eliminate Acne With Green Tea

Eliminate Acne With Green Tea

Last update: 12 October, 2022

Green tea is ancient, but it’s still riding on a wave of popularity – and for good reason. It can greatly benefit your health. It can even eliminate acne. It’s well known for its bountiful antioxidants, but it’s also a good diuretic, a proficient wound healer and an effective ally against weight gain. Most of these things are backed by clinical studies, some of which show just how astounding it is for addressing skin problems. We’re going to look into the latter in a bit more detail. Keep reading…

Green tea gives acne the heave-ho

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  • In Asian cultures, tea is a mainstay. It’s not just a drink. For thousands of years, teas have been integral for addressing health concerns. Different teas claim various components, each useful as a specific remedy.
  • Harvard Health Publications defines green tea as an infusion with some of the highest levels of antioxidants in its composition. In addition to that, its tannic acid content is excellent for reducing swelling and inflammation in skin tissue. You guessed it! This explains, in part, why it’s so brilliant as an acne treatment.
  • Green tea regulates and reduces the amount of oil and sebum that your skin produces. This helps to reduce inflammation that causes acne and blackheads. As a detoxifier, this tea is the undefeated champion.
  • You might be tempted to splash out on expensive lotions or serums for acne treatment, but why not take the less expensive road? After all, a lot of those ‘miracle creams’ include green tea as a main ingredient. It is much gentler and more effective than its better known counterpart, benzoyl peroxide.
  • With its exceptional anti-bacterial and astringent properties, green tea is a beautifully safe and natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide because it doesn’t leach moisture from your skin.
  • Its multiple antioxidants strengthen and protect your immune system, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and viruses that can contribute to poor skin and conditions that lead to acne.

Green tea’s the remedy

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Now that you know more about how green tea combats acne and blackheads, we’ll tell you a bit more! In addition to its enviable antioxidant content, green tea contains loads of polyphenols. Poly what? Don’t worry. The main thing to remember is that they are unparalleled at eliminating toxins from the skin, reducing inflammation and neutralising the bacteria that contributes to breakouts. Because green tea is so good at regulating oil production, it helps to balance the astringency of your skin and creates an environment that is hostile to spots and blackheads but benevolent towards healthy cells.

Here’s how to do it

Are you ready for this? You should be. It’s easy! The treatment consists of just two steps:

  1. Each morning, make a cup of green tea – organic, if at all possible. Pour boiling water over the tea bag. Let it steep for 20 minutes. When it’s still warm (but not too hot to the touch), apply it to the affected area. Do this three times a day. Use a cotton pad to wet your face or put some of it in a small spritzing bottle. You can leave it as you would any other skin toner. Just be consistent. If at all possible, make this your thrice-daily habit. Ideally, you’ll treat yourself to this tea ritual morning, afternoon and just before you go to bed at night.
  2. Combine your daily habit with this twice-weekly, night time treat. Apple cider vinegar partners splendidly with green tea here because it’s a powerhouse in its own right. ACV can eradicate blackheads, cure acne and balance the skin’s pH levels. Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of green tea. Use it as a toner. We would suggest that you gently apply it with a cotton pad to avoid getting it in your eyes. Cider vinegar is safe, but quite acidic. It’ll sting like the dickens if it makes contact with your pretty peepers, so go careful. Once applied, leave it on all night. Simply rinse with warm water in the morning and moisturise as usual. Clearer, smoother skin will peer back at you from the mirror if you stick to this regime. Hello, gorgeous!