Eliminate Those Premature Wrinkles

Eliminate Those Premature Wrinkles

Last update: 05 April, 2015

No one wants premature wrinkles but some of us may get them whether we like it or not! Sometimes this is down to our lifestyle. We know that a lack of vitamins caused by a poor diet and tobacco smoke may be partly to blame, as can a dry and polluted environment. Find out how to eliminate those premature wrinkles and stop any more from appearing! Your face will soon look beautiful.

Nature or nurture – why do wrinkles appear?


Firstly, what is “young” looking skin, exactly? That thing we all want! Young skin has good texture, is firm and has plenty of natural moisture. As we age, the dermis is affected by various factors and wrinkles start to appear. We will all get wrinkles eventually but why do some people get them earlier than others? Reasons include:

  • genetics – some of us are simply blessed with good genes and our skin will stay young looking well into middle age and beyond. There is nothing you can do to change your genetic make up so you just have to live with it.
  • your general health status – people who are in generally good health have better looking skin.
  • your psychological state – there is no doubt that stress, depression and general sadness make your skin look older.
  • diet – vitamins in your diet are essential for radiant skin.
  • poor diet – excess consumption of alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar is bad news for the skin.
  • tobacco – smoking prematurely ages our skin.
  • overexposure to sun – that short term glow causes long term damage!
  • environmental pollution – our air is often laden with dirt and damaging chemicals that clog up the delicate pores in our skin and give it a dull and wrinkly appearance.
  • neglect – a poor skin care routine. Perhaps you forget to wash or moisturise your face.
  • yo-yo diets and extreme diets can restrict you to selected foods, meaning you cut out essential nutrients byaccident. They may claim that you can lose 20 kilos in one week, but is that really sustainable?
  • poor hydration – not drinking enough water. We need 2 litres in the winter and 3 in the summer everyday to keep our skin adequately hydrated.

Top tips on preventing wrinkles


  • Adopt a good skin care routine. Deep cleanse once a week but always do a quick cleanse every night. It will clear way the toxins that may accumulate during the day so that they cannot damage the skin overnight. Moisturise well and try to use natural products on your skin.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Foods that have a lot of vitamin C are very good for your skin because they help our bodies to make elastin and collagen. Citrus fruits are an ideal source. Then choose foods rich in “antioxidants” like spinach, tomato, broccoli and grapes. They help to undo the damage that modern life inflicts on our skin.
  • Watch your weight. Sudden weight loss and gain and yo-yo weight changes are notoriously bad for your skin especially as you get older. Skin stretches as we put on weight and cannot always shrink back when that weight is lost.
  • Protect your skin from UV rays. The skin dermis is very damaged by exposure to the sun. Your face is the most exposed part of your body and can get very damaged. To prevent premature wrinkles never expose your face to the sun at the height of the day in the summer and always use a sun screen which is SPF 30 or more. Wear a broad rimmed hat if you are walking around – it will shield your face.
  • Stop smoking. This is the single most important thing that you can do to help your skin stay young looking and healthy. It’s also much better for your general health. Tobacco destroys skin cells as the smoke is toxic and this causes a premature aging. Smokers are known for their dull complexions and wrinkled skin. They also have lines around their mouths from constantly sucking on a cigarette.

Natural remedies for wrinkles

  • Mix beer yeast with water and yogurt or wheat germ. Apply the mixture to your wrinkles gently and let it dry before rinsing it off with fresh water.
  • Apply castor oil to the edges of your eyes where crow’s feet develop.
  • Massage wrinkles gently on a daily basis with avocado oil or cocoa butter.
  • Cut a few white grapes in half and remove the seeds. Spread them over your mouth and eyes. Then just let the the juice dry before putting on your makeup.