The Most Fattening Foods

The Most Fattening Foods

Last update: 10 March, 2015

Due to our busy lifestyles and not having as much time to prepare meals, our diets tend to lack nutritional value and cause weight gain.

Our diets nowadays tends to include quick and easy foods, such as canned goods, instant soups, ready meals and microwaveble goods. Very few of our foods are natural, like fresh vegetables and fruit, which are being replaced with fast foods and fatty snacks.

Healthy foods normally take longer to prepare, so those of us that lead very busy lives find it easier to reach for appetising fast foods and takeaways. Children also struggle to eat healthily as fatty foods tend be tasty. Lots of kids reach for crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks and chips when they are hunger. As a result, obesity levels are rising around the world.

We need to know more about eating healthily in order to make more informed choices. Lots of nutritional foods and snacks can be quick and easy to prepare and knowing which foods to avoid will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Eating the wrong type of foods in large amounts can result in weight gain, lack of energy, health problems and depression. Some fatty foods can be healthy, such as oily fish which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease.

Some foods are fattier than others and these foods are best avoided.

Which foods have the most fat in them?

To discover which foods are high in calories and fat, thus leading to more weight gain, take a look at our list below:

1. Fast foods and takeaways, such as burgers, chips, pizza, pies and pastries.

2. Pasta sauces and condiments. While pasta isnt fattening, many pasta sauces contain condiments and cheese that might be added to pasta dishes, leading to weight gain.

3. Many processed meats, such as sausages, beef and ham can contain saturated fats and are high in calories.

4. Salad dressings. Salads are very healthy, however many salad dressings, such as full fat mayonnaise and salad cream are high in calories, fat and salt. If you’re eating a salad, try a low fat dressing or skip it completely.

5. All fried food. Foods fried in oil can cause weight gain. Instead of frying your foods, opt for grilling, baking or steaming your foods instead, for a lower fat version.

6. Fizzy drinks are high in calories due to their high sugar content.

7. Alcoholic drinks. Many alcoholic drinks, such as cocktails, have a high sugar content and are therefore high in calories. Having a few drinks could increase your calorie intake significantly and contribute to weight gain.

8. Cakes and chocolate. Sweet treats made with refined sugar and flour are high in fat and calories.

9. Sandwich fillings. Sandwiches with low fat fillings on wholemeal or granary bread are healthy options. However, some sandwiches, such as pre-made ones may have high fat fillings. Cheese, tuna mayonnaise and certain fillings are high in fat and can make us pile on the pounds.

10. Butter. Avoid piling butter on bread, crumpets or other foods. Butter is high in saturated fats and will lead to weight gain if you eat too much of it.

fast food

So, why are fatty and unhealthy foods so appealing to us? Have you ever eaten processed food and wanted more?

This occurs due to a specific component found in frozen, processed, canned and Chinese foods: monosodium glutamate, a flavour enhancer which makes food taste good and makes it addictive. This makes food hard to put down and makes us want to eat more and more.

As a result of eating more of these foods, we gain weight which leads to health problems, such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Though monosodium glutamate occurs naturally in certain foods, there is an argument as to whether it is as bad as its been made out to be.

Though fatty and unhealthy foods is OK to eat in moderation, it is best to cut them down as much as possible. Eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and taking exercise will help to maintain a healthy weight. Healthy foods contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly. If you’re craving fatty foods, you could always try to make healthier versions of your favourite foods. There are many recipes online using healthy options as a substitute for foods that can cause weight gain. Eating healthily can be fun and enjoyable when you know how.