Fragrance Your Hair Naturally!

Fragrance Your Hair Naturally!

Last update: 31 May, 2015

It’s a lovely and alluring sensation when a girl walks by and you catch a delicious scent from her hair. Or when you go in to hug your friend and their hair just smells gorgeous! Do you want to be that girl?! If so, read on for some great ways to do it naturally.

Tahitian Monoi oil

Monoi oil is an infused, perfumed oil made from the petals of Tahitian gardenias, or Tiare flowers. They are steeped in coconut oil and used traditionally by French Polynesians, on their skin and hair. This oil is becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world now, though there are a number of imitations which aren’t the same are the real thing.

Monoi oil is an oil, so it’s great for dry, frizzy, curly and Afro-Carribean hair, but it’s not so great if you have fine, straight hair because it will weight it down. There are, however, some products made with it that may be suitable for your hair type, so keep your eye out for them.

Use the oil on your ends to protect them when you go out in the sun or after swimming. You can also use the oil as an overnight hot-oil treatment by warming the oil, applying it with your fingers then popping on a cap until the morning, when you should wash it all out. When you use monoi oil as a styling product, it’ll give your hair a pleasant fragrance.


Flower waters (Hydrolats)

Flower or floral waters are the terms used to describe what we now call condensate waters that are made from essential oils that have gone through a process of steam or water distillation. These waters are very versatile and can be used around the house, for skincare, and on your hair, too.

Try orange blossom (neroli), lavender or rose hydrolats on your hair if you like their scent. Simply pick on you like and try it out for yourself.


Rose water

Rosewater can make a lovely addition to your hair spritz bottle, to moisturise those locks during the day, when they lose moisture due to central heating or windy, dry or damp days when your hair gets wet more than once.

It’s super ingredient to add to your hair and has a lovely fragrance. A small amount also goes a long way, and it’ll keep your hair moisturised, conditioned, and free from bad bacterial as it is antimicrobial. Rose water will also reduce dandruff and stimulate hair growth, which is great for anyone looking to grow their hair a little longer.

Concentrated lavender infusion

If you like the scent of lavender, why not make the most of its cleansing and relaxing properties? Just get some lavender flowers from the garden and boil them in water, then add this mixture to a bottle to spray on your hair, or anything else you might like and enjoy its soothing aroma.

Essential oils

If you want to get the most out of essential oils, first make sure that you buy real ones, and not their cheaper, synthetic imitations. Choose a scent you really love, then add a few drops of it to a water bottle or to another “carrier” oil, like olive oil or coconut oil that’s suitable for your hair type. Try these:

  • Sweet orange essential oil is really great. Get a rejuvenated, refreshed feeling instantly.
  • Lavender oil also goes nicely with vanilla. What about adding a little jojoba oil to the mix? How relaxing.
  • Mint is a good one for oily scalps. It’ll stimulate you in the right way.
  • Rose and jasmine is a lovely combination. Mix rose water with 10-20 drops of jasmine essential oil and you’re ready to dazzle and uplift yourself and whoever walks past.

How to apply them

As mentioned, you can simply add essential oils to water, or rosewater, if you like the combination, to make a great hair spritz you can use before you hit the street. Lavender infusions also make a great addition to the spritz bottle, but the monoi oil is a little more difficult, so make sure you read the instructions on the bottle carefully to make sure it’s ok for your hair type.