Fruit That Help Eliminate Toxins

Fruit That Help Eliminate Toxins

Last update: 15 December, 2022

While doing a detox sometimes seems like work, it’s nice to know that we can enjoy a piece of fruit whenever we like and it’ll be working for us instead of against us, like junk food! Here are some delicious fruits you can enjoy that also eliminate the toxins that prevent us from having the best health ever!



Apples are high in insoluble fibre and soluble fibre in the form of pectin. Doesn’t sound impressive? Well, this fibre is actually critical for the body, as it soaks up toxins and waste and sweeps them through the intestines and out of the body. Apples are low on the glycemic index, which means that the sugar they contain are absorbed slowly into the body, leading to a gradual rise in blood sugar, which is kinder on our pancreas. Apples also contain glucaric acid, which neutralise the estrogen-like chemicals that come from foods or drinks stored in plastic. Glucaric acid also helps the body rid itself of heavy metals, like lead.

Tired of eating apples the same way every time? Try slicing them and covering them with some almond butter. You can also cook them in the oven with a few raisins on top, or make muesli with berries, flax, cinnamon and, of course, some oats. Leave it in some almond or rice milk overnight, and wake up to a delicious breakfast you can eat right away!


Avocados were unpopular for a while because people thought they were fattening. Now that we are more savvy about the benefits of good fats, we can enjoy them on a regular basis with no guilt or negative feelings. Fat is essential for the body, and the same applies when it comes to detox, especially because it promotes the release of bile from the gallbladder, aiding in the elimination of toxins and the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Half a large avo contains 8 grams of fibre, too, so they keep everything moving along rather nicely. Add them to salads, smoothies (to make them thicker) and dips.


Bananas can help us lose weight by filling us up, ease constipation and contain enzymes that burn up bodily waste. Bananas are so easy to digest when consumed on their own, that they make the perfect breakfast food or snack on the run. They are gentle on the stomach, but the key is to eat yellow and not green bananas. Eating yellow, or even better, browning or spotty bananas will stop their constipation-causing tendencies. Yes, it’s not the bananas that cause constipation, it’s simply eating them at the wrong time!



Eating citrus fruit is one of the best things you can eat when on a cleansing regime, or in your daily life! Grapefruits are full of healthy juice, hydrating the body and helping us flush out toxins from the blood. They are packed with healthy mineral and vitamins, which help your cells and body tissues start replenishing themselves rather nicely.


Oranges are the most popular citrus fruit. They also make an excellent snack food, but they are dense nutritionally too. Their high vitamin C content is well-known, but they also have a lot more to offer. They contain a compound called limonoids, which help fight cancers of the mouth, breast, skin and colon. They are anti-inflammatory, due to their herperidin content. Oranges also showed great potential when it comes to kidney stones. Since orange juice increased the pH level of the urine in studies, the risk of forming calcium oxalate stones also reduced. Happy kidneys means effective detoxing!



Pineapples is sweet and sometimes reminds us of holidays we’ve been on or tasty cocktails…. However, it also contains bromelain, which helps the body break down protein during digestion and detox the body naturally, with no effort on your part.

Yes, it’s also high in fibre, vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene, meaning it’s great for our skin, and since it’s low in calories, cholesterol and saturated fat, it’s excellent for weight maintenance.


Many diets include strawberries in them, and they help debug the body of toxins due to their soluble fibre and their high iron, folic acid and vitamin A, C and E content. They also happen to be pretty delicious. Try to eat organic strawberries, because they absorb more fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals more than most fruit, and you can’t peel them!



Fat cells contain toxicity and acid, and they say that your body won’t let go of fat cells while the body is still acidic. Luckily for us, watermelon is extremely alkaline-forming in the body, and contains citrulline, which means it’s a fantastic diuretic. This means you’ll be weeing a lot more than usually, and more ammonia and toxins will come out in that wee.


Papaya is such a gentle fruit, it’s soothing and cleansing and beautifying all at the same time. Papaya juice can also help improve conditions like ulcers, constipation, acne, kidney problems and digestive disorders, so serve yourself a big slice!