Give Yourself a Luxurious, Natural Facial

Give Yourself a Luxurious, Natural Facial

Last update: 12 October, 2022

Don’t take your skin for granted. As the largest and most sensitive organ, you should cleanse the skin daily – for health as well as aesthetic reasons. In this article, we’ll focus on the delicate facial area.

It’s nice to be pampered, but there’s no need to have a facial at a prestigious beauty salon or use expensive chemical products to cleanse and rejuvenate. You can do it in your own home with all natural products!

This isn’t just about good hygiene habits. These routines are excellent for reviving your skin. Follow these steps for simple, natural and effective cleansing.

Open those pores

First, wash your face with a mild soap and warm water. This will remove the dirt and superficial impurities that have accumulated throughout the day. It’s important to open your pores before you apply a cleansing mask. Properly preparing the area is fundamental and will facilitate the absorption of the products to follow. 

Boil the kettle. Remove it from the heat and then add lavender, chamomile or green tea to the water in a bowl. Position your face over the bowl and cover your head with a towel to allow the vapour to wash over your face. Relax for 2 to 5 minutes, which should be long enough for the skin to soften.

Exfoliation or peeling

Exfoliation will help to eliminate dead skin cells that build up on the face, as well as promote cellular regeneration. This process also helps with scars, prevent flaky skin and encourage healthy skin circulation. You always should always start with a clean face and open the pores before you exfoliate. Don’t skip any steps. Follow these home recipes for exfoliating and peeling:

Almonds close up

Almond peeling: Combine the following ingredients in a clean, glass bowl (which you can then store in the refrigerator). Apply this treatment once a week.

– 1/2 c. sea salt

-1/2 tsp. pure almond extract (NB: not essence or flavouring)

-1/2 c. coffee grounds

-1/2 c. brown sugar

1/2 c. sweet almond oil

Coconut and chocolate peeling: Mix the oil with sugar and extracts until well-blended. Add the powdered cacao and save in a clean, airtight container.

-1/2 cup liquid coconut oil (or heat solid coconut oil and allow to cool, but not solidify)

-3 tbsp. unsweetened cacao powder

-1 cup of brown sugar

-1/2 tsp. pure coconut extract (NB: not essence or flavouring)

-1 tsp. vanilla extract (NB: not essence or flavouring)

Lemon and almond peel: It’s very important to keep this mixture out of contact with liquids. Prepare fresh just prior to cleansing your face. Blend with your fingers before using.

-1/2 tsp. zest from a fresh lemon

-1/2 c. sea salt

-1/2 c. sweet almond oil

Exfoliate with a soft, circular motion across the entire face. Use a clean cotton pad and apply a light pressure. This step eliminates the dirt and dead cells to prepare the skin for the rest of the natural treatment.

Leave the paste on for 20 minutes to give it time to take effect before removing it with warm water. After this treatment, you can take the time to remove spots and black heads. This is the only time that it’s permissible to do so if you want to avoid skin damage and infection.

Cleansing mask

Relaxing mask

When your skin is clean, exfoliated and has had any impurities removed, it’s time to apply a natural mask that will address your skin’s specific requirements. There are masks that moisturise dry skin and those that eliminate excess oil. Some masks reduce marks and some reduce the size of pores. If you have more wrinkles than you would like, there’s a mask that can help!

For best results, you should leave the mask on until it dries and hardens. With peels, it’s advised to leave them on your face for at least 20 or 30 minutes before washing away with warm water. Once you’ve removed your mask or peel, gently dry the skin with a soft towel. Don’t scrub! Below, you’re sure to find a simple and effective natural mask to suit your skin type.

Anti-wrinkle mask: In a bowl, mix 1/2 c. of cucumber pulp (without seeds) and pure aloe vera gel. Apply a thick layer to the face and leave it for at least half an hour.

PH restoring mask: Use 2 tablespoons of agar-agar with one cup of tomato pulp. Heat the agar-agar and add the pulp. Stir until a thick mask is formed. Allow mixture to cool. Once applied to the face, leave it on for 20 minutes. The tomato will balance pH levels while the agar-agar tones the skin.

Hydrating mask: You’ll need half an avocado, mashed, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and olive oil. Beat the olive oil and lemon juice to form a foam. Add the avocado. When it makes a paste, apply it to the skin. This miraculous blend not only hydrates, but the avocado and lemon juice will help with scars and hyperpigmentation. Leave the mask on the skin for at least half an hour.

You see? You don’t need anything exotic to make a homemade mask – and the best bit is that these recipes are all completely natural with no side-effects or contraindications. They’ll leave your face smooth, radiant and beautiful.

Close the pores

When you’ve finished cleansing, it’s a good idea to close your pores. This will prevent impurities from entering again. To close the pores,  rinse you skin with ice-cold water. However, if your mask had tomato or cucumber in it, it’ll already have done the job of closing your pores.

Because they have an astringent effect on the skin, other products that help to close the pores are green tea, mint and apple cider vinegar. If you use apple cider vinegar, you may choose to dilute it 50:50 with water. Whichever astringent you prefer, moisten your face with a towel. Apply the astringent and wait for it to dry well before washing your face with cold water.

Skin maintenance

When you’ve completed your cleansing routine, it is important to keep your skin well hydrated so that it remains free of impurities. Don’t let it become overly dry or excessively oily. A moisturising cream is brilliant for this, but make sure it addresses your skin’s unique needs. The right cream will prevent dryness, itchiness or premature ageing. Daily moisturising is a good habit to cultivate. It’ll keep your skin firm, smooth and in top form!

Want to make a homemade anti-wrinkle hydrating cream for dry skin? If stored properly in the fridge, this lasts for three months. However, its efficacy is better when it’s fresher. Bear that in mind. Use the following ingredients:

– 25 grams of cucumber puree

-25 grams of distilled water

-25 grams of jojoba oil

-25 grams grapeseed oil

-25 grams rose essential oil

In a deep bowl, blend everything until the oil and water have emulsified. Store in a glass container and apply daily.

To see immediate results, this cream is best applied right after a bath or shower. The skin will be clean and your pores will be open to receiving the marvellous moisturising effects of your homemade concoction.