The Health and Beauty Uses of Vaseline

The Health and Beauty Uses of Vaseline

Last update: 21 July, 2015

Vaseline seems like a humble product that you might apply to a handful of things, but you’ll be surprised just how useful it can be if you know the right tricks! By the end of this article, I think you’ll agree that it’s one of the best and most useful beauty products out there!

Condition your eyelashes

If you want the longest, happiest lashes in the country, try conditioning them nightly with a dab of Vaseline.

Tattoo heaven

Has the skin where you have tattoos getting dry? Pop some Vaseline on it, and it won’t crack up (and neither will you!).


Split end saving

Split ends can appear in any length of hair, but if you’re trying to grow your hair, having to many can be disastrous! Add shine and protect them with a little petroleum jelly.

Lipstick stains

Feeling a bit stained? Get some Vaseline on your lips to remove all that pesky lipstick. It’ll work on your boyfriend, too.

Prolong that scent

If you are going out for a long night dancing, or will be away from home somewhere where you can’t take your favourite perfume, try this little trick! Just apply some Vaseline to the spot where you want to apply your perfume, and be enjoy longer-lasting sex appeal.


Your other dry bits

Maybe you have naturally dry skin, or have been sunbathing this summer, but dry elbows and heels can vanish faster than you can say, “Dryness be gone!” Apply the tiniest amount to your joints.


Before you go to bed, massage a little petroleum jelly into those crescent-shaped beauties. This will help to strengthen and moisturise them while you sleep. You can use this method once every week, or more, if you have very dry skin.

A secret moisturiser

Forgotten to bring your regular moisturiser, or run out? Vaseline is a good option to replace it. You might even like how much it helps dry skin and want to use it every day.


Eye shadow gloss

For a shiny, glossy finish, apply a tiny bit of Vaseline first, then apply your eye shadow as normal.

Summer shine

What about using Vaseline as a blusher. This works really well for summer and in the evening. Shine on.

Sneaky hair dye

If you have a habit of dyeing your ears and forehead when applying dye at home, or doing yourself some nice highlights, fix this by applying petroleum jelly before you get started slapping it on. Just make sure it doesn’t actually cover any hair, or you’ll be multi-coloured when you rinse off the colour.


Old earrings

Clean and shine accessories with a smidgen of the big V to make them look as good as new.

Nail varnish tops

Nail varnish tops can get stuck on their bottles, but not when you use a little Vaseline on the screwy bit before putting them back on. What a fantastic trick.

Exfoliation station

Got some sea salt or sugar handy? Create your own scrub to slough away everything old, and say hello to the new.


Shaving blues

Vaseline works great as a post-shaving cream. Don’t suffer from dry, unhappy, hairless legs. Get them smooth and soft with a dab of the jelly.

Soft hands are us

Handy Vaseline can change your hands forever when you rub some on and then go to bed wearing cotton gloves. Hey presto – pretty hands.

Tame those brows

Eyebrows sometime have a life of their own! Brush them into their final position with a dab of jelly.

Lippy exfoliation

Lips are sensitive and deserve gentle treatment, but if they’ve been dry and are chapped, get out the Vaseline and some sugar, mix them together and give your lips a little scrubbing.

Footsie care

Feet can also benefit from the same treatment described above. Soften them by massaging in a little Vaseline, then pop on your socks and fall asleep.

Skirt and shorts

When you get your legs out on the beach or down the park, follow the bodybuilders and smear on some Vaseline for beautiful-looking, shiny skin.

Crow’s feet potion

Add a little Vaseline to stop crow’s feet in their tracks before you go to bed.

Knobbly knees

No, Vaseline won’t stop your knees from being knobbly, but it will moisturise them 100%. Try it on yours.

Images courtesy of: Ishikawa Ken, Istolethev, Sung Sock, WePhotographer, and Christina Xu.