Healthy habits

Healthy habits and culinary tips for dieting, allergies, diabetes, bronchitis and asthma

Drink Lemon Water Every Morning and Enjoy 10 Benefits

For centuries, lemon water has been known for its health benefits – primarily its antibacterial, antiviral properties and its ability to stimulate immunity. Additionally, lemon juice is celebrated for its use as a weight loss aid because it eases digestion and cleanses the liver.

Improve Your Memory With These Smoothie Recipes

Memory is closely linked to diet and proper nutrition. Studies support the brain’s need for certain nutrients to help it stay active and retain information. For your brain’s optimal health, the foods you eat are as important as the lifestyle you lead.

The Benefits of a Daily Glass of Red Wine

Many GPs now advise their adult patients to drink a glass of red wine daily, because it’s beneficial. If you follow this advice, do you really know why? Don’t just blindly follow your doctor’s counsel. Find out for yourself the real advantages of…

The Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs are a staple ingredient in many recipes and play an important role in the diet for many of us. Going back many years there were concerns about the amount of calories in eggs, high cholesterol levels and links to…

Use Mate to Cleanse Your Body

Typically found in Argentina and Uruguay, mate is an drink that has gained global popularity due to its health benefits. It’s prepared with ground yerba mate leaf. These leaves are placed in a vessel – traditionally made from a squash…

What Causes Type II Diabetes?

Sadly, type II diabetes is a common disease across the globe and the number of people affected continues to grow. Although it’s not a contagious disease, it seems to be becoming an epidemic. As such, it can not only debilitate…

Onions: An Ancient Remedy

What do you really know about humble onions? They’re not just for adding flavour. Within their layers, you’ll find remedies for almost any illness or infection. In the past, the onion had magical connotations. It was purported to chase away evil spirits…

The Most Fattening Foods

Due to our busy lifestyles and not having as much time to prepare meals, our diets tend to lack nutritional value and cause weight gain. Our diets nowadays tends to include quick and easy foods, such as canned goods, instant…

How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

When a muscle contracts involuntarily, a spasm – or cramp – occurs. They commonly occur after exercise or at night and can be extremely painful. Here, we’ll discuss the foods, nutrients and supplements that may help to prevent cramps and improve muscle health.