Herbs to Help With Weight Gain

Herbs to Help With Weight Gain

Last update: 25 March, 2022

Do you need to gain weight in a natural way? Many people need to increase their weight due to a doctor’s suggestion or because they feel more comfortable when they’re a little heavier. This article looks at natural ways for gaining weight and why you may need to.

Some people may need to gain weight because of health problems, after a stressful time in their life or due to another illness. There are several ways to gain weight, however some nutritionists state that this can be more difficult than losing weight.

Some aspects must be controlled, such as avoiding too many calories from unhealthy foods. A good appetite is also recommended. Let’s take a look at what is important and the plants that can help you gain weight naturally.

Reasons why people might not gain weight

  • Genetics. Some people are only able to eat a certain amount of food before they become full. This prevents them from eating a large quantity of food.
  • Muscle fibre. Some may have more muscle fibre which causes them to burn more energy than normal. This causes weight gain to become more difficult.
  • Personality. Those who are more nervous by nature may burn more calories due to being restless. They may also eat less too, which prevents them from gaining weight.
  • Certain diseases. These may include anorexia, bulimia, depression and stress.

Herbs that help you weight gain



Fenugreek is an amazing herb for gaining weight.

It has properties similar to estrogen and can help to stabilise glucose in the blood, prevent constipation and reduce cholesterol. You normally find fenugreek in natural food stores and you can consume in the following ways:

  • Using the seeds
  • Via capsules or pills
  • Using its flour
  • Powder for flavouring dishes.
  • Tea or infusion.

The most popular way is to drink it as a tea, using the seeds. Simply boil a cup of water, put five seeds in it and leave it to set for a few minutes. You should drink this tea twice a day, as well as consuming lots of water throughout the day too. This will increase your appetite.



Dandelion acts as a tonic to increase the appetite. You need to drink a cup of dandelion tea up to three times per day in order for it to have an effect. Boil four dandelion flowers in a cup of water and drink it. Eat a banana half an hour later and you’ll gain weight naturally.



Gentian is a great herb for natural weight gain. It is highly effective for helping those recovering from an illness as it works quickly.

It aids food absorption and increases appetite. Thus, all protein and calories are synthesised appropriately. It also helps to increase enzyme absorption. 

You should be able to find it in natural food stores and consume it as a tea.