Homemade Recipes for Brighter Skin

Homemade Recipes for Brighter Skin

Last update: 03 August, 2015

Brighter skin is on most people’s list of desires, and it’s an attractive characteristic in almost everyone, too! Learn how to get brighter skin in this article, by using these recipes, which can be applied internally and externally!

Have beautiful skin all year long

Beautiful, bright, glowing skin is attainable when you look after it really well and eat and put the right things on it.


Recommendations for bright skin

Avoiding heavy-duty cleansers is the first step to beautiful skin. You might have skin issues, but drying out your skin with industrial-strength products isn’t going to improve it in the long run. Mild, non-detergent cleansers like cloths, foams and gels of a natural nature are your best bet. It might take your skin a little while to get used to the new products because you have been stimulating your sebum glands so much by drying it out. Be patient and you will restore your skin naturally in time.

Toner was originally designed to put your skin’s pH back to where it should be after using an alkaline soap. If you don’t use one, there’s no need for toner! Dry skins don’t really need them. Often a splash of cold water is all you need to close the pores and stimulate the circulation in your facial skin.


A great reason to go to your local organic market or supermarket today is to pick up some wonderful ingredients for supple, bright and smooth skin.

Big strawberries


Strawberries have more anti-aging vitamin C than oranges and grapefruit. Studies show that people who eat more foods that contain vitamin C have fewer wrinkles and less age-related skin issues than people who don’t!

Free radicals damage your skin cells and break down the collagen that keeps our skin free from fine lines. Eat vitamin C-rich foods like strawberries every day for best results!

Olive oil

Olive oil is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory that will beautify you inside and out! The Ancient Romans, for example, used to massage it into their skin, and you can too. Dry skin will become brighter with regular applications of olive oil.


Green tea

Green tea is very beneficial to your skin, and contains lots of antioxidants as well. Studies in the US showed that green tea may prevent skin cancer. When you add lemon or lime juice, you prolong the effects, say experts.

Homemade recipes for brighter skin

Strawberry smooth it on and on

This recipe can be used as a mask and a smoothie! Blend one cup of strawberries (fresh or frozen will work) with a tiny bit of water. Stir this into one cup of plain yogurt, and 1 and a half tablespoons of honey. Enjoy drinking your smoothie, but leave enough in the bottom of your glass to apply to your face afterward! Keep it on for 10 minutes before rinsing your skin clean.

Eat your olives and wear them

Extra-virgin olive oil makes a great drizzling oil. Use a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a dipping sauce for fresh bread, or over salad and pasta.

Dab a tiny bit of the oil onto parched lips, elbows and knees, and any other areas that look dry. A nice way to make the most of its properties is to get some old pyjamas out and rub olive oil all over your body before putting on the pyjamas and getting into bed. Don’t forget to coat your feet and give them a little massage, and then cover them up with some old socks, too.


Drink your green tea then refresh your eyes

Three large cups of green tea are recommended for a skin-brightening effect. You can then use the tea bags for your skin. Put them in the fridge until cool, then take them and press them over your eyes for an anti-wrinkle boost. Leave for 15 minutes to reduce puffiness.

Almond face mask

Use this mask once a fortnight for glowing skin.


  • 5 almonds
  • Enough milk to cover the almonds

Soak your almonds in the milk for 12 hours, then mash or blend them together to make a paste. Apply this to your face and leave it on overnight. Wash in the morning, and it will leave your face feeling silky smooth and glowing.