How Garlic Heals

How Garlic Heals

Last update: 21 July, 2015

In spite of its associations with France and vampires, this flavoursome bulb is a staple in most diets – and, yet, many people don’t know how garlic heals. It’s true! There are those who don’t particularly like the taste of it, but will strive to eat it because it’s so beneficial to the human body.

Garlic is practically magical, so abundant are its medicinal properties. It helps to address malfunction in all parts of the body, from your brain to your feet. It’s worth your while to acquaint yourself with what this humble plant can do to improve your wellbeing. We’ll tell you all about its ability to heal. Keep reading…

Garlic’s illustrious history

For thousands of years, garlic was known for its antibiotic properties. Both Roman and Greek soldiers would it garlic every day as a preventative measure. It was seen as an effective way of bolstering immunity against all kinds of maladies, so they would eat it before and after battle. Egyptians, on the other hand, used garlic as an aphrodisiac and Himalayas had culinary designs on garlic. Of course, they also knew that its addition to their diets would strengthen their immunity and improve oxygenation.

Garlic dip

As time marched on, so did our relationship with garlic. It’s now used mainly as an ingredient – as food, itself. This is rather a shame. We could have both. It’s time to rediscover the wonders of this amazing plant. It’s not just an offensive odour anymore! Include it on your personal menu and you’ll soon see the direct benefits to your health.

We’re hoping that this article will inspire you to explore all the good things that garlic can do for you – even if you start with just one clove per day!

Garlic heals your heart

Human heart

It’s not just your heart. A daily portion of garlic can yield vast improvements upon your entire cardiovascular system. It reduces cholesterol levels in the blood by regulating the production of cholesterol in the liver. Not impressed yet? How’s this, then? This humble bulb actually encourages the production of HDL (the good cholesterol). In terms of the cardiovascular system, garlic helps to dilate blood vessels, opening them up for better blood circulation – which is an action that prevents conditions such as  arteriosclerosis .

Parasites: prevented

Microorganisms loathe garlic. They can’t stand to be in the same body with it. Even mainstream pharmaceuticals have trouble eliminating parasites that garlic is a dab hand at dispensing. For instance, tapeworm doesn’t stand a chance against its anti-parasitic properties. Get some garlic in you and you’ll be putting out the unwelcome mat for these pesky critters. This plant cleans house and makes you an inhospitable host to most parasites.

Skin: pampered

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It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vitamin C, A, B1 and B2 – but it should be! If you eat garlic regularly, your skin will thrive. Make it a daily habit and you’ll look younger. Your skin will strengthen and retain its elasticity. Your eyes will become clearer and more luminous, too.

Because it’s excellent for the respiratory system, garlic helps to ward off inflammation and flu. One caveat, however: you don’t need to go overboard with garlic. Doing so can be counterproductive. You only need one or two cloves per day in order to reap the rewards.

Before you go…

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably scribbling a reminder on your shopping list. That’s great! You won’t regret giving garlic a go. Whether you add it to dressings or sauces, savoury dishes or baked goods, you’ll soon wonder how you did without this food. We should mention something else: if you really can’t abide the unique flavour of garlic, have a look for a supplement at your local health food shop. That way, you can still benefit from its enviable properties. Here’s to a more robust you!