How Successful People Start Their Day

How Successful People Start Their Day

Last update: 09 April, 2015

Making an important start to the day can determine how successful the rest of your day will be. Personal trainer and columnist for Forbes, Jennifer Cohen, who has worked with many politicians and CEO’s, claims that many successful people start their day early and make the most of those early hours.

Getting an early start may not mean starting work early but simply that your senses are awakened. Many successful people, such as Margaret Thatcher woke early to get a good start to the day.

Jennifer Cohen notes four things that successful people do in a morning, which she believes may contribute to success.

1. Exercise

Successful people tend to start their day energised and positive as exercising produces endorphins that improve your mood. Beginning the day in this ways helps the positivity to flow from finishing exercising to the start of the business day. Exercising can be light and fairly gentle. It could be half an hour of swimming, walking, stretching or riding a bike, for example.

2. Plan the day ahead

Most successful people are already organised but they spend several minutes preparing their schedules and visualising their day ahead. They know how they might deal with certain stressful situations and can plan breaks when they need to have free time. Having a clear structure also helps to keep them motivated throughout the day.

3. Have a healthy breakfast



Your body needs energy in order to perform well. If you don’t eat or don’t eat well, the body will start to feel tired and lethargic. You may find yourself becoming more anxious too. The best way to start the day is with a healthy breakfast, which will provide your body with lots of vitamins and minerals for the day ahead.

4. Begin your day with the most difficult task

Successful people tend to start their day with the task they least want to complete or the one they feel will be most difficult. You generally start the day with more energy and motivation, so completing a hard task is a good idea and will make your day more enjoyable.

Waking up early is difficult to begin with. You need to make sure you get enough sleep so you feel rested. However, taking advantage of early hours in the day and beginning with the most difficult tasks will make you feel much more positive in the long run. This leads to more success, as positive people tend to be more motivated.