How to Hydrate and Oxygenate Your Hair

How to Hydrate and Oxygenate Your Hair

Last update: 04 June, 2015

Tangled, dry hair with split ends is not well hydrated. So it hair that’s full of static. So if you’re wondering what hydrated hair feels like, read on and let us bring some light on what hydrated, oxygenated hair really is!

Why should you hydrate your hair?

Some hair types are always dry and soak up conditioner like there is no tomorrow, or the next day. Others may be dry in winter or during the beach months. Whatever your hair type, hydrating your hair is ultimately all about locking in moisture, and what does that lead to? Manageable, shiny, happy hair that has less split ends and is less likely to cause bad hair days.

Other tips to hydrate your hair

Your food feed your hair

Eat a balanced diet that includes essentially fatty acids and silica for super hydrated hair. Drink as much water as you can when you wake up, and regularly hydrate during the day, especially after exercise.

Essential fatty acids are hydrating to your hair, so fill up on fish, avocado and olive, or take a tablespoon of cold-pressed hemp or flax oil every day.

Silica adds strength to the hair and adds shine. Try eating cucumbers, asparagus or try making horsetail tea!

Water increases the speed at which your cells renew themselves, so your hair will look softer and feel healthier when you pour yourself a generous glass of the good old H2O.

Decrease the number of times you shampoo your hair

If you wash your hair every day, make sure you’re only using baby shampoo! Over-washed hair starts looking greasy more quickly. If you start using baby shampoo, make sure you give your hair some time to adapt to retaining more of the natural oils that nourish your hair. Give it time: about a month. Then you can start shampooing every other day, and maintain that shiny, clean, hydrated look for longer.

Use the right conditioner

If you have curly hair, avoid all silicone products! You could even investigate the no-poo method. There are plenty of sites and videos online about it. You can also increase your waves and kinks with this method if you have mostly-straight hair!

If you hair lacks moisture, give moisturising products that contain glycerin a try. They work really well when it’s dry outside, sealing in moisture. Castor bean extract and silk proteins won’t weigh curly hair down, so look for products that contain them and watch how your hair changes almost overnight!

Fine hair could benefit from olive butter or olive oil-based products, whereas brittle, coarse hair will love a bit of hot oil TLC. Shea butter is lovely for normal hair that’s neither coarse nor fine.

Monitor your hair

Monitor your hair and the products you put on it. Consider the weather outside before you slather yourself with product. Does your hair need a hydrating mask this weekend? Vary your haircare with the seasons and change your products frequently so you can try out new ways of getting more hydration in.

Avoid heat

Yes, I know. It’s hard! But using rollers, plaits, and wearing your hair up instead of blow-drying it every day is only going to make your hair healthier.

Brush straight hair regularly

Gently brushing your hair at least twice a day will help keep your ends nice and hydrated. Natural brushes are always best!

Why and how to oxygenate your hair

Oxygen therapy is popular with celebrities. It involves passing a device over your scalp to improve the health of your hair. There are treatments that restore damaged hair, adding volume, shine and elasticity. Others help with dandruff, hair loss and other issues whose roots lie at the skin level.

Unfortunately, these treatments are still expensive, with the likes of Justine Timberlake and David Beckham among the fans.

A daily head massage

When your scalp muscles are tense, less blood circulates and less oxygen can get to your hair follicles to make your hair strong and abundant. Indian head massage is a simple self-care tool you can use to oxygenate the hair in a natural way.

To begin your massage, decide whether you want to use oil on your hair the day before you wash it. It’s not essential, but the oil will add extra nutrition to the hair. Grasp your head with your hands and rub, circle and tap your scalp until you feel relaxed and invigorated. Simple as that!