How to Lessen or Eliminate Facial Blemishes

How to Lessen or Eliminate Facial Blemishes

Last update: 07 July, 2015

Blemishes and acne are a pest. Try these natural remedies and improve your complexion in less than a month!


Yogurt is packed with vitamins and you can eat it to improve your skin, but applying it onto your skin works great for blemishes. In India, they have been using it since ancient times. Cleopatra was also a fan, and bathed in sour milk.


Yogurt contains zinc, lactic acid, calcium and B vitamins. Together, they make yogurt mildly astringent yet moisturising, anti-ageing, facilitating skin renewal, regulating oil production and preventing oxidative damage. It’ll brighten your skin, make your pores look smaller, prevent wrinkles and help treat acne.

For a blemish mask, simply apply a little plain yogurt to your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Repeat daily and enjoy the benefits of yogurt for your complexion.

Olive oil

Olive oil works really nicely on acne scars. Massage a fifty-pence piece sized amount into your skin, using your fingers to really deeply massage the skin. It won’t block your pores, so leave it on for 5 minutes afterwards. Now prepare yourself a hot pot of water, and give yourself a facial sauna, covering your head with a towel and letting the steam nourish your skin. After around ten minutes, scrub your face with the towel, removing any oil left on it. Do this treatment every week if you have oily skin, once a fortnight if you have normal skin and once a month if you have dry skin, whether you have acne scars or not, and enjoy it’s beautifying effects.


Tomatoes contain nice amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. They help to shrink your pores and are lovely for acne because they are astringent.

To use tomatoes on blemishes, massage your skin with fresh tomatoes that have been pulverised a little with a potato masher. Lie back and relax with the tomatoes on your face wherever you’d like to improve your acne for around a quarter of an hour. Do this for a few weeks, or until you are happy with the result, making sure you make and apply the mask once daily.


Lime juice is just strong enough to safely and effectively peel off the skin’s outer layer, according to experts. It’s a natural antibacterial and exfoliating agent. If you apply it every day, it can considerably reduce acne and blemishes in less than a month!

To make a lime juice wash, simply soak a cotton pad in lime juice, then apply it directly onto the affected area, and leave it on to dry for quarter of an hour. Rinse will cool water, and delight at the effectiveness of citric acid!


Aloe gel stimulates new skin cells to grow and is a wonder plant when it comes to healing scars and blemishes. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help calm redness and soreness.

To use aloe on acne, fillet the aloe like you would a fish, taking off the skin and pointy bits. Apply the gel, scratching it with your nails to get more liquid out, then put this liquid onto your acne. Let it dry, then wash your skin. Do this every day for a month and continue if you like what it does for your skin.


Chamomile promotes wound healing and was used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to reduce inflammation on the skin. Don’t use teabags, get yourself some really good quality herb from a health food shop. Start with this, and then put three teaspoons into a cup of water. Wash your face, making sure it’s clean, then pop a washcloth into the tea, and apply to the whole face. Keep it on for quarter of an hour, then rinse with lukewarm water.


Rubbing a potato on yourself might not be something you’ve done before, but it could do wonders for blemishes and pigmentation marks. Raw potatoes are best cause they contain lots of vitamin C. Try it once a day for a couple of weeks.


Honey doesn’t cost much and it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Simply pop a little onto your blemishes before you go to bed and wake up with less irritation, redness and happier skin. Do this every night and you’ll really see miracles happening.


Rub the outside of an orange onto your acne once a day. Then use the juice to cleanse your spots or blemishes. Splash with cool water afterward. The acidity and vitamin C will work wonders.



Take some porridge made with water and use it as a mask. Add some honey, and apply to the face, avoiding the eyes. Oats absorb excess oil and the honey will tone.


Rice flour can improve your acne when applied as a mask with a little water daily. Let it dry then wash.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is best when used internally. Take 75-90 mg daily and reap its skin healing effects.