Make a Marvellous Medicinal Tea from Apple, Cinnamon, Anise and Clove

Make a Marvellous Medicinal Tea from Apple, Cinnamon, Anise and Clove

Last update: 25 March, 2022

Tea is a great way to get enough liquid into your diet – but they can also improve your health. Make a curative cuppa with the right ingredients. T his article will show you how to make a simple but effective medicinal tea from apple, cinnamon, anise and clove. It’s a beautiful brew that also boasts some impressive, health-giving properties.

Apple Tea

Tea made from apple is both nutritious and delicious. Apples are a great source of vitamin A and potassium.  Even a small portion of this fruit has a whopping 159 mg of potassium and 73 IU (international units) of vitamin A. When you drink an apple infusion, the health-giving properties of the fruit remain. This makes it an excellent option for a midday sip.

Cinnamon Tea

You may think of cinnamon as an energising spice – and you’re right. But it’s much more. Because it contains cinnamtannin – a B1 compound – a cinnamon infusion can help prevent diabetes and regulate glucose in patients with Type 2 diabetes. It’s especially effective if you drink it during fasts. That’s not the end of cinnamon’s strengths, though. It also contains nutrients like iron, dietary fibre and calcium, all of which aid digestion. In addition, it’s been proven to help lower blood cholesterol.

Anise Tea

Highly aromatic, anise has wonderful medicinal properties. Among them is its ability to improve digestive transit. You’ll find that it acts as an anti-inflammatory, an expectorant and a cough soother. Not enough? Well, it also helps calm anxiety and can be useful for regulating menstrual periods.

Clove Tea

Clove makes a super infusion that combats vaginal infections caused by warts. This is because it contains a substance called oleoresin. Renowned for its use in oral health, it can impede the formation of plaque and relieve gum pain. Its antioxidant properties stimulate your metabolism and also prevent age-related ailments.

Time to Make the Tea!


  • Any apple you prefer
  • Star anise
  • One clove bud
  • One cinnamon stick
  • Water
  • Sugar or natural sweetener (try agave nectar or maple syrup)


  • A medium pot
  • A strainer
  • A jug or other container
  • A knife


Make the tea

Wash and cut the apple into small pieces using a kitchen knife. Leave the peel intact, but remove the seeds and the stem.

Using a medium sized pot, boil the apple pieces in about 5 cups of water for five to six minutes.

Add the clove, anise and cinnamon to the apples and let the ingredients sit for 8 minutes.

Strain and pour the mixture into a jug. Add about a half cup of sugar or natural sweetener. We’d recommend something like agave nectar or maple syrup rather than sugar, but you don’t even need to sweeten it. You can drink it without if you prefer. Blend the liquid well with a wooden spoon until the sweetener dissolves.

Et voila! Your tea is ready to serve and will keep in the fridge for up to three days.