Makeup Removers to Make at Home

Makeup Removers to Make at Home

Last update: 31 May, 2015

It’s a disaster – you’ve run out of your best makeup remover and you can’t get to the shops for several days. Alternatively, you’re fed up of paying through the nose for expensive commercial products and you are longing to try an alternative. You want that alternative to be as natural as possible so that it will work in harmony with your body. Take a look at these homemade makeup removers and give them a try yourself.

Tips for removing makeup

Never go to bed with makeup still on your face because the next day you will wake up with blemishes everywhere because you don’t allow your pores to “breath”. This will make your skin more oily, encouraging acne, pimples, or blackheadsEven if you are very tired, you should take five minutes to remove your makeup.

Your makeup removing routine will be dictated by the type of makeup you wear. Always remove your eye make up first. If you are someone who puts a lot of mascara and eyeliner on your eyes, you might need to spend more time removing this especially if it was waterproof. If you wear contacts, you should take them out before starting to remove your eye makeup because the product can get in your eyes and cause irritation or burning or even deform your contact lenses.

Next you can remove the makeup from the rest of your face using some of the products below that you can make from everyday, natural ingredients.


Natural, homemade makeup removers

  • Natural yogurt. Put a layer of yogurt on your face and leave for 10 minutes. Remove with a cotton wool ball or tissue moistened with some warm water.
  • Warm milk. Heat a few tablespoons of milk and soak a cotton wool ball in it. Apply it to your face in a patting motion that is firm but gentle. Don’t forget to rinse well afterwards.


  • Olive oil. This is great for people with dry skin. Just put a few drops of olive oil on the face and spread evenly by massaging it gently. Remove with a tissue soaked in warm water. If the face feels too oily you can rinse with a neutral soap and warm water. Olive oil is great eye makeup remover as it will not irritate or dry out this delicate area.
  • Almond oil. This is actually useful for oily skin. Almond oil counteracts the skins natural oils – giving a smooth and refined appearance. Apply it the same way as the olive oil.
  • Chamomile and olive oil. Make a chamomile infusion by boiling chamomile in water and then let it cool. Soak a cotton wool ball in it and add a few drops of olive oil. Apply the mixture to your face, taking care around the eyes. It is useful for reducing the appearance of swelling and bags under the eyes.


  • Jojoba oil. Another natural idea for removing makeup in a few minutes. It gives smoothness and elasticity to the skin. To apply, mix a tablespoon of jojoba oil with two of water. Soak a cotton wool ball in this and massage it in circles while you watch your makeup disappear.
  • Vaseline. This can be an efficient makeup remover for mascara and eyeliner, because its oils dissolve cosmetics perfectly. Put a little bit (you won’t need a lot) on a tissue, cloth, or cotton ball, and gently apply it to the area that you want to remove the makeup from. Because it is very thick and oily, you will need to wash or rinse it with warm or hot water.
  • Canola oil. If you mix it with olive oil, you can remove any kind of makeup in seconds. You will need 3 or 4 teaspoons of each kind in a cup. Soak a cotton ball in it and gently pats, you will see how it absorbs your makeup. Don’t forget to rinse your face once you are done.
  • Strawberry. You will probably want to make this in advance and store in the fridge. Take a handful of ripe strawberries and blend to a liquid consistency. Moisten a cotton wool ball with the liquid and brush across the face. Rinse well with warm water.