Make Your Own Conditioner

Make Your Own Conditioner

Last update: 03 April, 2015

Your hair is your crowning glory – that is why so many women spend a packet on their hair every month with the aim of getting it look its best. If your hair looks good then you look good.

We want our hair to look great all day at work and then we expect it to look glamorous for that big night out as well! To achieve this we spend a lot of time putting a lot of things on our hair! We apply countless hair products (which are basically chemicals) and some of these may even cause problems with our health or with the environment. We also apply a lot of very high temperatures to our hair when we use straighteners and curling wands. These can cause damage and can leave our hair lifeless and limp.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve healthy, fabulous hair without using damaging and expensive products? Here we are going to show you a selection of recipes for homemade hair conditioners which will naturally soften your hair and make it frizz free.

hair silky

You may take some time to adjust to the way in which these natural products work. If you are used to the instant effects of manufactured chemicals then you may find the subtle improvement of a natural product a little disappointing. But if you concentrate on the bigger picture and the healthy attributes of the natural products you are using, and give you hair the time it needs to repair, you will be.

Make your own conditioner

Lemon juice and coconut milk

Coconut open

Pour a glass of coconut milk and add the juice on one lemon. Mix well and store in the fridge until a creamy film forms on the top. apply the mixture carefully to your hair making sure that every hair is coated. Leave this to work for around 20 minutes. During this time, cover your head with a towel or cloth – it enhances the action of the conditioner. The rinse your hair and wash as normal. Used consistently over a period of weeks this can be very effective.

Milk and honey

Pour a glass of milk (normal cows milk is fine) and add a few drops of honey. Mix the ingredients well and apply immediately and carefully to your hair. Make sure it is all coated. It can be left on your hair for up to two hours when it needs to be washed off thoroughly with a gentle shampoo.

 Olive oil


All natural oils have the effect of nourishing and restoring your hair.  This recipe uses olive oil – an ancient oil which has been used for thousands of years. If you prefer, you could use almond oil as an alternative. The oil is excellent at restoring your hair’s natural radiance and making it and you feel much better.

You will need to gently warm the oil and take care not to burn it or to burn yourself.  Then you apply the warm oil to your hair. It should be left to work for only a few minutes. If you prefer you could wrap your hair in a thermal cap whilst the oil is working. If you don’t have one available it is fine to use a towel instead but warm it on a radiator first. Once the treatment time is up you can rinse and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

This treatment may not be suitable if you oily hair as it can make the situation worse. However, you can get around the problem by only applying the product as the ends of the hair and avoiding the roots all together.

Remember that these types of treatments are natural – they work in a gentle and subtle way. This means that you may not see a dramatic improvement overnight. Most people find that they need to apply the treatment at least twice a week to get the best benefit. Before you know it your hair will be silkier, shinier, more manageable, and with less frizz.

Are you tempted to go back to your old chemical products? Okay, they do offer quick results but this is at a cost. Many of them contain harmful substances which may penetrate the scalp and could even enter the bloodstream. That’s why you should evaluate how necessary it really is to use products that, over time, could harm you. And let’s face it – they cost a fortune!