What Does a Man Look For in a Woman?

What Does a Man Look For in a Woman?

Last update: 29 May, 2015

The old cliché that men are only after one thing and therefore only care about a woman’s appearance is not necessarily true. The real picture is a lot more complicated than that and here we shed some light on happy relationships.

A man’s taste in women is governed by many factors such as his age, education and ethnic background. Therefore, there is no single ‘look’ that all men find attractive. Thank goodness! A man’s tastes are as varied as the women that he looks at. Here are some ideas based on the current research into what makes a woman attractive to a man!

Physical appearance


We have to start off with physical appearance because like it or not that is the thing that usually attracts people to each other at first and is something that we all spend a lot of time fretting about.

Let’s get to the truth. If a man is looking for a quick fling or a one-night stand, he might be looking for someone who appeals to him physically. This is not the whole story. If he wants to maintain a relationship there will have to be a lot more than physical attraction.

The truth is that physical appearance is usually important at the start of a relationship and beauty does attract men. It has to be combined with other characteristics as well if he is to be well and truly hooked. A woman who is obsessed by her looks can come across as shallow and empty-headed and men rarely find that attractive.

So, what is a man looking at? Mainly at breasts, legs and bum although eyes, and smile are important as well. Size is not necessarily what matters – a well-roportioned body that is well taken care of is appealing to most people.

Independence and self-reliance

Once you’ve made that first contact with each other, the man starts to focus on things other than physical appearance. Some men now look for women who are sure of themselves, who have some sort of professional success or at least ambition, and above all, women who are independent. A desperate woman who is looking for a man as a meal ticket is not attractive to most men. They want a partner not a mill stone!

This shows that you are with him because you want to be and not because you need some help!


A cultured partner that’s interesting to talk to

Imagine that at this point, the man has decided that he is attracted to a woman, so he decides that he wants to get to know her better. The recognised way of doing this is by the exchange of information – a good conversation. Men tend to like women who can hold their own in a conversation about politics, religion, world matters and sport. An interesting woman is an attractive woman. She should have her own opinions and ideas but a woman who talks over the top of everyone else and refuses to listen to another’s point of view is less than attractive to a man and shows a lack of respect.


Men may like strength of character but kindness is a very attractive trait. Women who share opinions and feelings but are considerate and kind are always popular with men.

During emotionally and physically intimate moments it is essential to be caring and attentive to others’ needs while still being sure of your own. This shows that you can be strong and sweet at the same time.

Subconsciously, many men may be looking for a father for their children and so the maternal characteristics of gentleness and empathy are often a very attractive combination.

Be yourself

The most important thing is to be yourself and if he likes you – great. If he doesn’t then maybe he was not the man for you in the first place. There is no point in getting someone to fall in love with a fantasy because you will never maintain the act throughout your relationship. It is far better to be honest right from the start.