Masks to Straighten Hair Naturally

Masks to Straighten Hair Naturally

Last update: 07 July, 2015

You can straighten your hair quickly and easily in your own home. You don’t need chemicals to calm frizz, waves and unruly locks, just some nourishing, delicious smelling natural masks to get you looking sleeker and shinier than ever. Pick a flavour you like the sound of and let’s get going.

Hair straightening masks

Lemon juice and coconut milk

When lemons are mixed with coconut milk, they make an amazing, creamy conditioner that works to straighten things out. Make sure you buy the kind of coconut milk that is creamy, not just water. So yes, when we say milk, we mean a mixture of the white coconut meat and water. If you wanted to, you could make this at home by blending 1-2 cupfuls of coconut meat with 1/2 a cupful of water. Add three tablespoons of lemon juice and blend again.

All you have to do is mix some coconut milk with lemon and whack it on your hair. Rinse off your hair with lukewarm water after a couple of minutes. If you repeat the treatment twice per week, you’ll notice the effect of these luxurious conditioning straightener.


Coconut water

So if you love coconuts and want to use the water, too, it makes a lovely straightening rinse. Just simply pour it over your hair once you’ve finished in the shower, then wash it off after ten minutes.

Milk and honey

Milk and honey are great at smoothing and calming frizz and dryness. Grab a cupful of milk and add a couple of tablespoons of honey to the milk. Add an optional couple of strawberries, mashed up, if you want to, then add to your hair. Stick a shower cap or cling film over your barnet for 2 hours, then rinse thoroughly with baby shampoo or a natural, milk shampoo. Condition as normal.


Milk sprays

The proteins in milk strengthen and soothe the hair shaft of any hair type, making it longer, stronger, and straighter. Just pour some fresh milk into a spray bottle and then spray it on to your hair all the way round, and from the root to the tip. Leave it for half an hour, rinse with cold water (or cool, if it’s cold out), then condition and rinse again with cold water.

Hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments are one of the best ways to get rid of frizz and too much volume in big, dry hair. For glossy, straight hair, heat some coconut, olive or castor oil until it’s warm when you stick your finger in it, but not too hot. You can also try a mixture of these oils. They are very popular with celebrities right now.


For the hot oil treatment, simply get the oil into your hair without it dripping off by applying little bits at a time. Make sure you cover the whole scalp and hair from root to tip – everything. Wrap yourself up in some cling film and/or a towel you don’t mind getting oil on! The treatment can be left on for half an hour. Hop into the shower and shampoo and condition well, making sure all the oil is out without over-drying your hair by over-shampooing it! Let your hair air dry, and enjoy it’s straightness.

Egg and olive oil massage

The massage treatment is lovely for dry, frizzy hair. Buy two eggs and add 1/2 a cupful of virgin olive oil. Massage the mixture in, putting a lot emphasis on the muscles in the scalp region. Once you feel nice and relaxed, wrap this luxurious mixture in cling film or put on a shower cap for one hour. Wash and condition with care under warm water, and then do a final cool rinse. Style naturally.


Banana and papaya mask

This is a lovely quick and non-oily mask for normal hair. Use one banana and the same amount of papaya and mash them together. Add a tablespoon of honey and stir in nicely. Then simply apply this hair mask and leave it to dry without covering it. Wash it off, and enjoy your smooth hair!

Aloe gel mask

Aloe vera gel is wonderful for all hair types, but especially great for any kind of frizz or hair that’s lacking moisture. Cut two or three medium-sized leaves at the base, and put them in water overnight. Now fillet them like you would a fish! Take half a cupful of gently warmed oil and add the gel, mashing them together with a fork. Apply the mask and leave it on for half an hour or more, then shampoo and condition as normal, not forgetting your final rinse.