How to Naturally Prevent Osteoporosis

How to Naturally Prevent Osteoporosis

Last update: 07 June, 2015

Osteoporosis is the disintegration of your bones and affects women during and after menopause.

To prevent osteoporosis, it is best to watch your diet and consume the correct nutrients. Also avoiding tobacco, alcohol, coffee and refined sugars can help.

The emotional explanation

According to Louise Hay, a sufferer of osteoporosis feels completely without support in life. Why not trying a Bach Flower Remedy to help with this emotional problem if you feel that that might be true for you, and see how things improve.

The correct bone nutrition

Natural medicine can help sufferers of this bone disease. We recommend:

  • organic liquid silicon: This helps to restructure the bone and help your joints.
  • Schüssler salts – calcium phosphoricum: This salt help to increase calcium absorption. You can consume two pills three times per day as it won’t interact with other medicines.
  • Schüssler salts – Silicea: This salt can be added when you have pain or a tendency towards fractures.
  • dietary minerals: It is recommended that one should consume taking manganese-cobalt, fluoride, magnesium, and phosphorus.
  • vitamin D: If you live in a sunny climate then you should get enough vitamin D if you go out during the day, though of course it’s best to get your whole body exposed for 15 minutes, safely. If you don’t live somewhere sunny then try taking a vitamin D supplement.

Dairy products are not the best choice because the calcium they contain can be hard to absorb. You should be careful with foods that block calcium absorption. Here are a few recommended foods:

  • Sesame: this has more calcium than milk and is easier to absorb. It can be consumed in powder form, toasted powder form, raw sesame oil or tahini. Tahini can be mixed with water, lemon and honey to make a beverage.
  • Cooked carrots: carrots are richer in calcium and more so cooked than when they are raw.
  • Macathis plant is full of calcium and iron and helps to regulate hormones. However, those with hypertension or over active immune systems should take care.
  • Horsetail: is rich in silicon. You can take two or three cups of this daily.
  • Seawater: a natural and well-balanced supplement that can be found in diet or herb stores. You should consume a tablespoon before each meal.