Parsley's Medicinal Benefits

Parsley's Medicinal Benefits

Last update: 25 May, 2015

Parsley is an everyday herb with a surprising number of health benefits. We sprinkle parsley on many foods as a garnish without really thinking about its health properties, but many studies show how useful parsley is. This herb is not only a tasty food packed with vitamins and minerals, but also a breath freshener, a digestive stimulant and a herb with many other medicinal properties. Read on to find out more about the power of parsley.  

Many years ago parsley was used as a medicinal herb due to its mineral content. Parsley has always been known to protect the liver and intestines due to the presence of myristicin, which is anti-carcinogenic. Parsley also protects the brain and prevents the growth of tumours.

A digestive stimulant

Parsley is useful as a digestive stimulant. This herb also soothes the digestive tract, reduces indigestion, problems with gas and flatulence. Parsley helps the body eliminate toxins in the gut, cleansing the kidneys and preventing kidney stones. For those who feel heavy or sluggish after a large meal, parsley is an excellent boost for the digestive system, helping your body metabolise the food and prevent that heavy feeling.

The antioxidant effects of parsley are remarkable in their power to prevent cells from aging. Parsley protects all the cells in our bodies, including the skin cells which tend to show early signs of aging. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of parsley reduce acne, age spots and skin blemishes. It can also help to balance oily or dry skin.  

Vitamins and minerals


The vitamins and minerals in parsley include phosphorus, iron, sulphur and calcium, all of which are important for health. Parsley also contains large quantities of vitamin C and beta carotene, which are vital for a strong and healthy immune system. One of the pleasant side effects of eating parsley is its ability to fight bad breath and freshen the palette. This is why it is an excellent idea to garnish food with parsley. Strong tastes such as onion or garlic can be heavily reduced by chewing on fresh parsley after a meal.

Some of the health problems that parsley helps to prevent include: anaemia, bladder problems, digestive issues, excess gas, kidney disorders, bad breath and blood disorders. Parsley is also a powerful aid to the immune system and protects against many complaints, guarding the body against attack by viruses and bacteria.

How to eat parsley

Parsley can be eaten fresh or dried. The best way to enjoy parsley’s medicinal benefits is to eat it as a fresh herb. This will ensure it retains the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins. When parsley is dried or frozen it can lose some of its nutritional properties. Chew on parsley directly to prevent bad breath and to enjoy many digestive benefits. It can also be used as a natural diuretic.

Many people like to infuse parsley leaves in hot water to create parsley tea. This is a simple way of ingesting parsley. Just make sure you allow the leaves to brew for at least a couple of minutes to enjoy the full benefits. Drink the tea twice every day to get the benefits from parsley. This is also a good way to cleanse the kidneys and liver.

Parsley can be added to smoothies and juices to give a touch of freshness. Parsley can be sprinkled liberally on all foods as another easy way of ingesting the goodness of this powerful herb every day. Savoury meals are ideal dishes for parsley and this delicate herb goes particularly well with potatoes and fish dishes. Parsley is also delicious added to chicken and lamb and it can work well as a topping for soup.

Grown your own parsley

One of the best ways to include parsley in your diet is to grow your own parsley plant. Simply plant a small parsley shrub in a pot, and then you can enjoy fresh parsley whenever you choose. Organic is best. Making your own herb garden is an ideal way to ensure you always have a ready stock of fresh herbs to add to all kinds of dishes. Herbs and spices can often turn an ordinary meal into an exciting and tasty new dish. By growing your own parsley you can enjoy parsley’s medicinal benefits every day.