Herbs and Fruits for Weight Loss in Women

Herbs and Fruits for Weight Loss in Women

Last update: 21 July, 2015

Having a healthy lifestyle is important if you wish to enjoy a healthy body weight. It means that you should eat a healthy diet, and stay away from white flour, sweets and fatty foods. Exercising regularly is also a must.

If you like, you can also start eating certain plants and fruits that can assist you in your weight loss and fat burning efforts. Doing so can have a major positive impact on your health, and therefore the quality of your life.

However, take care! These plants and fruits should be used very carefully. It’ll be better if you avoid eating them in large quantities. Consuming just the recommended amounts will be good enough to help you in your weight loss endeavour. What more, you may already be consuming some of them as part of your daily diet, without even knowing it! All in all, ensure that these foods become a part of your weight loss plans, if they’re not already.

Following is the list of food items that are highly effective in providing quick and healthy weight loss.

Foods that help in weight loss


It helps in internal cleansing and is known to activate bile secretion. It also improves the intestinal movement, providing relief from constipation. Artichoke has excellent fat digesting properties too.

Bitter orange

Its peel increases the body’s natural ability to burn calories. It can be highly useful in hypercaloric diets.


Alfalfa is also known to have cleansing properties and provides relief from digestive problems, just like artichoke. It helps in appetite regulation as it leaves the person feeling satiated, preventing hunger pangs every now and then.


Caffeine obtained from this plant accelerates the fat combustion process of the body, thereby increasing its cellular metabolism. Guarana is used as a special supplement in certain diets, as it often leads to exhaustion, weakness and lack of energy.


Pineapple slices

You must use the stalk of the pineapple fruit in order to benefit from its weight loss properties. People whose excessive body weight is caused by water retention problems in the most part, are encouraged to have more pineapple. It’s highly effective in dissolving and mobilising the fats inside the body, which are then eliminated through urine.


This is a type of seaweed that enhances the natural metabolic rate and provides a feeling of satiety because of its high water content. Fucus is a potent laxative and is used as a stomach toner.


This plant is known to have powerful diuretic properties, and is therefore specifically useful for people whose weight problems are primarily caused by water retention. It also works as a detoxifier, cleansing the body from inside and preparing it for different diet plans.


Papaya slices

This fruit works pretty effectively in stimulating the digestion process. That’s how it also helps in absorption of important nutrients. In addition, it contributes to speedy and easy elimination of substances not required by the body.

Please keep in mind that the above detailed foods simply work as supplements in people’s weight loss efforts. Undergoing weight loss may not be possible unless you exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, give up bad food habits and eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.