Preparing Garlic for Medicinal Purposes

Preparing Garlic for Medicinal Purposes

Last update: 04 June, 2015

Garlic has a vast amount of wonderful properties. It is important to know how to eat it to get the best results. There are a number of different methods available. Find out what they are and use garlic to become super healthy.

How to take garlic

cutting garlic

Garlic can be eaten raw. It is recommended to eat two or three cloves in the morning. You can also grind it up and add lemon juice to avoid some of the strong flavour from it.

Raw garlic is recommended as it offers therapeutic effects for most of the body. Frequently eating a lot of it can cause very bad breath, so eating it with lemon can help. You could also chew a piece of cinnamon after eating it to neutralise the smell, or swallow it covered in honey.

Garlic for decoction

Decoction is another way of consuming garlic. For this method, simply boil three of four cloves in a litre of water. This causes it to lose most of its strong flavour and smell, so its easier to consume. You can drink two cups or bowls per day. This is a more convenient way to consume it: as a snack or starter.

garlic clove

Garlic with vinegar

As the flavour of garlic is very strong, many people still like to consume it and don’t care about the odour it can cause. A lot of people choose it for the health benefits and are not bothered by what it could do to their breath or other parts of their body.

The curative properties

It is always best to try and prevent illnesses and avoid them from occurring. Consuming garlic daily can definitely help to prevent sickness. You can eat it in many ways, but thanks to garlic, you can keep a large number of illnesses at bay.