Protect Your Body by Eating Grapes Everyday

Protect Your Body by Eating Grapes Everyday

Last update: 05 May, 2015

Grapes are a common fruit that most people include in their diet occasionally. However, recent findings suggest that we should be eating more grapes due to their incredible health benefits. These small circular fruits can in fact prevent diseases and improve our health in many different ways. This article will explore the benefits of eating grapes.

Grapes are not only delicious and cheap they also contain some amazing health benefits. These sweet round fruits are a powerful antioxidant, acting as an anti-carcinogen which fights cancer. Grapes can also help to reduce fatigue, increase alertness and energy levels and ward off diseases of the kidneys.   

Types of grapes


There are many different types of grapes, with the most obvious and basic difference being the colour. White grapes are green in colour and black grapes look red or purple. Grapes are available to buy all year round with their health-boosting properties unrestricted by the seasons due to their popularity with importers.

Black or red grapes were an important part of the diet for ancient Romans and Greeks. These sweet fruits help to prevent cancer by fighting free radicals, which cause changes in the cells of the body. The red colour advertises the properties of the grapes, as other red fruits also contain these excellent properties, such as tomatoes.

Benefits of black or red grapes

Grapes can prevent cardiovascular disease due to their high levels of tannins and flavonoids. They strengthen the heart and the circulatory system, preventing the build-up of blockages in the arteries. Another area where grapes help relieve blockages is in the digestive tract due to their high fibre content, so constipation sufferers can find relief by eating plenty of grapes. In fact, they can even act as a mild laxative, especially when the skin and seeds are also consumed. The stomach is also strengthened by the consumption of grapes, with grape juice particularly effective at finding its way to the digestive system.

The immune system


The immune system is improved by grapes due to their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The blood is cleansed and the organs purified by the consumption of grapes, while the folic acid present in these little fruits also makes them ideal for pregnant women for whom this chemical is important. Folic acid helps to promote cell division, which is vital for the healthy development of the foetus.

The one aspect of black or red grapes which is not beneficial for everyone is the relatively high sugar content. All fruits contain fructose, a natural sugar which can be harmful for diabetics. This is why fruits should be eaten within limits, as the benefits could be outweighed by the negative high sugar content in people susceptible to blood sugar issues.

Benefits of white grapes

White grapes, which are actually green in colour, are also available all year round and contain some excellent health benefits. They are low in fat and possess lower sugar content than black grapes, making them more suitable for diabetics, while they can taste a little sharper than black grapes due to their lower sugar content. White grapes are also free from sodium and cholesterol making them ideal for protecting the kidneys, liver and digestive function. The high potassium content also makes them ideal for athletes and those who exercise regularly, as they can replace lost mineral salts and prevent cramps.

 Physical and mental health

The high levels of iron in white grapes also help to build connective tissues in the body, improving heart health, the circulatory system and increasing red blood cell formation. The great benefits of white grapes also include protecting against cancer and mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The special chemicals which make this possible are called resveratrol and catechins, which are powerful antioxidants and can protect the body against numerous diseases. Finally, grapes help to increase bone strength thanks to the high content of vitamin K and vitamin B1.

 How many grapes should we eat?

In order to enjoy the highest level of benefits from grapes, it is advisable to eat a small bunch per day or a glass of fresh grape juice. It is also best to include the seeds and the skin of the grapes for the most powerful antioxidant effect.