How to Quit Smoking: Your Last Guide

How to Quit Smoking: Your Last Guide

Last update: 23 June, 2015

So you want to stop smoking? Maybe you have tried a few times and have failed. Maybe this is your first attempt at quitting. Wherever you are in the process of trying to kick your smoking habit, we can help. Be aware that the first days me be the hardest, but the road to quitting smoking will not kill you. In fact, if you follow our guide and finally make the decision to quit smoking, you will add years to your life. We are not here to lecture you about how addicting cigarettes are, we know you already know. We are here to give you the last guide, the last reason to put your cigarette down and quit today. Below are five fantastic ways to curb your cravings for another puff on that cigarette of yours.


Hypnotherapy is gaining momentum and popularity worldwide for its ability to help people drop unhealthy and long-term habits.  Hypnotherapists are able to guide a person into a deep trance like state to help a person navigate to the core feelings that may be causing the need to smoke. During a session your specialist will guide you through your subconscious and try to activate the part of your brain that is responsible for holding onto unhealthy habits. If it sounds a bit out there for your taste or even a little scary, ask friends and family who have used hypnotherapy for their own benefit. Hypnotherapy has been practised for years and is generally considered a very safe and effective way to drop hard-to-kick habits such as smoking that no longer serve you.


Yoga, when combined with meditation, can be a powerful tool to use when attempting to quit smoking. The effects of yoga start deep within and some studies have shown that yoga can actually change the chemistry in your body. Yoga can also be used as a delayer. For instance, when you start to feel a craving for a cigarette, choose instead to do thirty minutes of yoga by yourself, or get yourself to a yoga class. If you still are craving a cigarette after yoga, then let yourself have one, or half of one. You may find however, that in most cases your craving for a cigarette will dissipate after a good invigorating class of yoga.

Avoid provoking situations

One of the best ways to quit smoking naturally is to avoid triggers that remind you of smoking. Triggers can be hanging out with people who still smoke, drinking, or going out to restaurants and bars that are filled with people who are casually smoking. For your first week, when attempting to quit smoking, avoid provoking situations. If you have friends who smoke, explain to them your situation and ask them politely not to smoke around you. Most people will find that after a few weeks of quitting smoking, they will no longer find that they crave a cigarette and may actually be quite turned off from the smell of cigarette smoke.

Get your chew on

Some studies have shown that people who are addicted to cigarettes are also addicted to the action of smoking. The idea is that a person actually becomes addicted to the art of smoking, or the repetitive action of bringing a cigarette to and from their mouths. An easy way to combat this addiction is by replacing your cigarette for something to chew on. Try gum or hard candy. You can even try munching on carrots or raw celery when you feel a craving coming on. The idea is to keep your mouth busy when you are trying to quit smoking.

Join an online support group

We live in a world of first-class technology; we may as well take advantage of it, especially when we are trying to quit smoking. Along with seeking support from a therapist and friends, online chat groups can be incredibly helpful when it comes to quitting smoking. Online chat groups allow you to express your feelings while remaining anonymous. By joining an online support group you can learn how other x-smokers quit and share your own ideas and techniques. The best part about online support groups is that most of them are free of charge.

So what are you waiting for? The time to quit is now.