Reduce Cellulite With Massage

Reduce Cellulite With Massage

Last update: 24 July, 2015

Cellulite is not a sin! It can, however, still be a bummer. You know better than to obsess over it, but you’d still love to know how to reduce cellulite. We’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t be perfectly happy with the way your body is. If you’re in robust health, that’s really what matters. Part of feeling good is looking good, though – which is why we’d encourage you to pamper your skin with a good massage and a nutritious diet. If the result is a reduction in dimpled flesh, what’s the harm? Let’s take a look at how to introduce a few simple techniques.

First, exfoliate to reduce cellulite

Homemade massage cream

Even some men have it. Unfairly, many more women develop cellulite. It’s caused by fluid retention and accumulated fat. The fat settles in the gluteals and muscles, giving the appearance of orange peel. You can live with the look of it, but there are some health problems associated with it – notably, circulation difficulties. 

What can you do to reduce cellulite? Don’t undergo an operation unless it’s absolutely necessary for your wellbeing. Don’t even spend loads of cash on creams. You can easily make your own cream at home and it’ll be just as effective as high street anti-cellulite creams. Provided you make a commitment to using it regularly, you’ll see results. Now, take note.

Assemble your ingredients

  • Reserve a tablespoon from your morning coffee and empty it into a bowl.
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • One tablespoon of almond oil
  • The juice from half a lemon

Whip it up

  • Coffee, believe it or not, is a terrific toner and an excellent exfoliant. It helps to stimulate your circulation – even in the region of your derriere. You’ll even find it in expensive creams that are marketed to reduce stomach fat, so you know it must be great for cellulite. When you combine it with the lemon juice, its power is increased.
  • Pour all of the ingredients into a bowl. At this stage, it all may look a bit strange and you may be thinking, ‘There’s no way I’m rubbing this on my body.’ Don’t panic. We assure you that you won’t regret it.
  • To the same bowl, add a bit of your favourite shower gel. If it’s one that is super hydrating, that’s even better. Blend everything well and set it aside for your cellulite-zapping massage.

Now, slay that cellulite with massage

Massage lotion

For improving blood circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a massage. It’s a tried and true method for relaxing and stimulating skin tissue, whether it’s on your legs, your head or your neck. A proper massage can provide pain relief, ease tension and allay muscular stiffness – all of which contribute to reduced fluid retention and lower stress levels. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to this massage every day and you’ll see your skin become smoother and suppler. The appearance of cellulite will be less noticeable, too. Remember, though: you’ve got to be consistent. Turn this into a daily ritual and do every morning and night. Ready to learn how?

Let’s make the cellulite disappear

  1. To begin, take a shower. You want clean skin – a fresh canvas, as it were. Try to remember to splash cold water on your legs and calves. This will promote good circulation and is especially beneficial if you suffer from varicose veins.
  2. Move on to your muscles. You should have the coffee and oil cream in the shower with you. If you didn’t do so early, now’s a good time to add a bit of your moisturising shower gel. Get a good dollop of the mixture on your hands and rub them together to warm up your potion.
  3. Starting with your calve muscles, massage from the bottom up. The received wisdom about massage is that you should always work your way upwards toward your heart. This boosts your circulation. Spend slightly longer in the area between your knees and buttocks. This is where the cellulite likes to congregate.
  4. Focus on your movements. Make them long and slow. Move up towards your stomach. Linger a bit if you have some accumulated fat there. If you’re massaging your stomach, use smooth and circular motions. Top up your coffee cream if you need to. You’ll want to use plenty of it.
  5. With the palms of both of your hands and your knuckles, continue your massage. Your knuckles and fingertips add a bit of force and pressure. You don’t want to cause yourself any pain, but the knuckles get to deeper tissues. Movements should be long and circular. Slightly pinch your skin, gathering it and then stretching it between your index finger and thumb. It’s like kneading dough.
  6. If there are places that are too difficult for you to reach, use a wooden brush – especially for leg massages. They also promote good circulation.
  7. And there you have it! Didn’t we tell you that this massage is simple to do? The main things are making a commitment and being consistent. Strive to fit this therapy into your daily routine, morning and night. Remember, too, that this treatment is not a magic bullet. You’ll also want to eat well. Get plenty of healthy liquids, antioxidants, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Exercise at least three times a week and aim to do so for 20-30 minutes at a time. Sound doable? It is. Now, go!