Reduce Jowls With These Helpful Tips

Reduce Jowls With These Helpful Tips

Last update: 01 May, 2015

Your body changes as the years go by. Through lost hydration and collagen, your skin stops being flexible. But you can reduce jowls with these simple tips. Even if muscle tone diminishes and fat accumulates to produce the dreaded ‘double chin’, you don’t have to accept it. Fight back. Here’s how!

One of the main causes of this sort of loss in muscle tone, according to experts, is due to decreasing collagen production. This affects the skin cells and they’ll find it difficult to combat free radicals. Fortunately, you can easily find the tools you need to compensate for the nutrition your body is lacking. They’re often simple resources that most will have readily to hand. Would you like to know more?

Remedies for a flaccid neckline

Castor oil massage

Oil of castor

  • Castor oil’s brilliant for if you’re looking to reduce jowls. Loaded with essential fatty acids, it prevents the loss of your natural moisture, imparts more flexibility, increases hydration and restores your skin by keeping it smooth and clean.
  • For best results, use a tablespoon of castor oil and tablespoon of olive oil. Blend both oils together in a cup and put a bit of the mixture on the palm of your hand. With firm and upward moving strokes, gently massage yourself from the neck to your jawline. Keep massaging for at least 15 minutes. Once you’ve finished thoroughly applying the oil blend, soak a small towel in hot water and wring it out well. Let it sit in place on your neck for 5 minutes. The resulting steam will help your skin absorb the oils and you’ll feel more relaxed. This treatment is best done at night.

Good hydrations

Water from bottle

  • It’s no secret that drinking water is healthy. You should be aware of this and develop the good habit of making sure that you get enough water. Your skin’s health and protection from wrinkle production depend upon keeping your body properly hydrated. If your insides are well-balanced, the outside will be a reflection of this. Don’t forget: drink at least 2 litres of water each day.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun

Sun's rays

  • Sunshine is vital to good health. It helps you to absorb, synthesise and utilise vitamin D, for instance. However, you should stay vigilant if you know that you’ll be exposed to it for more than a couple of hours. Protect yourself with creams, sunglasses, hats and the proper clothing – and don’t neglect your neckline. Your neck is extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays and will certainly show signs of premature ageing. Consequently, it is always good to remember to shield it with a towel or forego sun bathing altogether when the sun is at its most intense.

Healthy diet

Carrot smoothie

A diet rich in antioxidants – beta carotene and vitamins A, C and E especially – is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Nutritious foods help to prevent flaccidity and fight those nasty free radicals. Make a habit of replacing desserts with healthy juices. For best results, try beetroot and apple-based juices. They are extraordinarily healthy for keeping you and your skin hydrated, plus they contain just the right vitamins and minerals to keep your skin youthful.

Avocado and grape mask

Avocado skin mask

  • An avocado mask is packed with the antioxidants that prevent ageing. When you add grape juice to avocado, you get an exceptional ally for your skin. The blend will refresh and hydrate you, as well as penetrate your epidermis with important minerals. To benefit from its amazing properties, blend the pulp from half of an avocado with five grapes. You can mix it with a blender or use a fork to mash it well. You want to end up with a paste that is thick enough to apply it to your neck.
  • Lie down, relax and let the mask rest on your neck for 20 minutes. If you do this every day, you will see a gradual but noticeable firmness in the skin.

Rejuvenating oat cream

Oat cream for facial

  • Oats have been around for ages and they’re an ancient remedy for repairing skin, as they provide essential fatty acids needed by the sensitive skin of the neck – where the first signs of sagging appear. For making the mask, you’ll need half a cup of oats, a half a glass of hot milk (we recommend oat milk!) and one teaspoon of rosehip oil. Mix the three ingredients thoroughly. You want a nice, uniform paste. Once a thick consistency has been achieved, liberally apply the mask to your neck. If you’re finding this difficult, lie down with a towel on your chest to protect you from spills and drips. Keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse well with cool water.