Rid your home of negative energy

Rid your home of negative energy

Last update: 15 June, 2015

Home is where the heart is. A place where we return at the end of the day. Whatever happens to us in the outside world, we should feel safe and relaxed in our home. It should be a place where we can recharge our batteries and prepare for the next day. Sometimes, however, we don’t feel like this and being at home has the opposite effect.

How do you feel in your home? Is it a peaceful place or are you constantly bickering with your partner and children? Did you know that this sort of feeling can be caused by negative energy? It can greatly alter you general mood and your sense of well-being. Sometimes the presence of a negative individual can bring these emotions into your home.

The remedy for this problem can require a lot soul searching. You may have to look inside yourself for the answer. If you reflect deeply on your life and your relationships you may discover the origin of the negative emotions.

Then take a look at things outside yourself and make the changes that you need to replace the negative energy with positive energy. The people who live in your house and your visitors will thank you for it.

If you have recently noticed certain changes within your home that are far from positive then it’s time to act. If the squabbles have become more frequent or more intense it’s time to make some changes around your home!

Practical changes for the good

  •  According to the experts, the cause of most negative energy is clutter. If you don’t need things – get rid of them. Random unused objects suck up the positive energy and give a general order of chaos and discontent. Have a good sort out and let the organised and clear home emerge out of the mess.
  • Sunlight has a purifying effect on a house and the people who live in it. Throw open your windows whenever you can and let the sun stream in.
  • Don’t let second hand furniture into your home without cleansing it first with incense.  Pieces of furniture and other household objects can carry negative energy from the house where they were in before. You don’t want that energy in your house!
  • Negative energy thrives in stale air. Don’t let stale air hang around your home. Open up the windows wide and let fresh air flood in. Air should be replaced at least three times a week – you can even open doors. Modern houses have double glazing and insulation to keep in the warmth and these can trap stale air in your home.
  • Fruits are very good for getting rid of negative energy. Have a lovely bowl full of fresh fruit in the kitchen and another in the dining room.
  • House plants naturally promote peace in the home – perhaps it is the presence of something so natural. Place plants in every room for maximum effect.
  • Clean away negative energy that has built up in your home with salt and water. All you have to do is add approximately 6 tablespoons of salt to a bucket of water.
  • Cacti are fantastic for repelling bad energy. Place them close to windows and do not over-water them, they prefer an arid environment.
  • Play some relaxing music in your home. It helps to balance your mind and repels any negativity.
  • Use aromatherapy oils. Lavender is very calming and bergamot is uplifting. You can sprinkle them around or add them to warm water to diffuse into the room.
  • Keep the dirt under control. Dirty homes are negative homes. Keep your home dust- and grime-free. Dirty objects emit negativity!

Try meditation


Meditation is a great option for this type of problem. It can free the house of negative energy and clear the mind of those that live there, too. Get all the members of the household to join in. The more positive energy emitted the better.

Try meditating in several different rooms. Use scented candles and relaxation tapes if they are useful. Free your mind from tension and imagine everything is peaceful and tranquil.

A change in attitude renews everyone within the house and the house itself. If you learn to love yourself then you will love your surroundings also. Get the positivity back into your home!