Spirulina: A Surprising Food You Probably Didn’t Know About

Spirulina: A Surprising Food You Probably Didn’t Know About

Last update: 31 March, 2015

Spirulina is a green-coloured, seaweed-like substance that is being hailed as a new wonder food. This interesting substance is actually a cyanobacterium, which grows naturally in tropical and sub-tropical lakes, and is packed with easily digestible protein and a wide array of vitamins. The excellent nutritional content of spirulina makes it highly desirable as a food supplement to be taken as flakes, tablets or powder, while it can also be consumed as a wholefood.

This miracle food is cultivated worldwide and can be found in health food shops and it is also used as a supplement to animal feed. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has even recommended spirulina as the ideal natural food supplement for everyone due to its incredible health benefits. This article will explore this wonder food more closely to examine how it can benefit your diet.

Spirulina looks a little like seaweed due to its fibrous texture and bright green appearance, but you should not let its strange looks put you off consuming this substance. Indeed, this wonder food is about to become a leading nutritional supplement of the future, known for its ability to improve the body in many ways, including helping muscle fatigue and boosting the health of the immune system.

High protein and vitamin content

Spirulina includes a lot of protein, and it’s easier to digest than red meat. This one of the reasons why NASA has recommended it as a food supplement for astronauts.  Dried spirulina is a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids, so this could be a better source of protein for vegetarians than say legumes, beans or lentils.

The array of vitamins contained in this green food include A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, E and H, so it is easy to see why it is being promoted as one of nature’s best food supplements. This wonder food was said to be consumed by ancient civilizations, including the Aztecs and Mesoamericans, who acknowledged its excellent health-giving properties.

Lose weight with spirulina


Spirulina has strong appetite-suppressing qualities including a high level of phenylalanine, which works to create a sense of fullness, reducing the urge to eat more food both in terms of quantity and regularity. Meal sizes can be easily reduced while including spirulina in your diet without feeling hungry or dissatisfied, to enable a slow, steady and healthy weight loss for those who are currently overweight.

The iodine content in spirulina also helps those who are looking to lose weight, as this chemical stimulates the thyroid gland which speeds up fat reduction. However, our body can only absorb so much spirulina at one time – up to a maximum of about 10 grams per day – so it is best to take this substance in moderation, while combining its use with a sensible healthy diet and plenty of exercise in order to enjoy the strongest effect.

Incorporating spirulina into your diet


Spirulina can be purchased right now in health food shops, usually in powder, tablet or flake form. Powders can be made into a tasty tea, tablets can be swallowed as a food supplement much like a vitamin pill, while flakes can be sprinkled over vegetables and salads or added to smoothies. Experts recommend using 3 to 5 grams to begin with while your body gets used to the substance, while adults who wish to raise their intake of spirulina for weight loss reasons or simply to enjoy the benefits can use up to 10 grams per day.

Spirulina is not commonly known right now and it is used mostly by those who frequent health food shops, athletes and other nutrition specialists. In fact, spirulina has been shown to reduce muscle recovery times and aid in immune system development so it has become a favourite with athletes and is sure to follow suit with the public. This wonder food is slowly becoming more publicised and spirulina is being promised as a miracle food of the future, so now is the perfect time to try incorporate the wonderful green substance into your diet and see the effects for yourself.