Aloe vera

9 Medicinal Plants for Weight Loss

Eating a plant-based diet helps control unwanted bulges! Fruits and vegetables and other plant -based foods contain high levels of fibre, water, nutrients and phyto-compounds. All these factors help control your appetite, make you feel more satisfied after eating and provide much needed nutrition…

14 Tips for Healthier Hair

Healthy hair isn’t difficult to attain, but it does take some understanding of what damages it and which products you can use to maintain beautiful locks all year round.

Preventing Hair Loss

Unfortunately, the occurrence of hair loss is a growing problem among both women and men. Many people aren’t aware of this, but there are lots of factors that we are exposed to each and every day that can have an…

3 Healthy Smoothies for Weight Loss

Losing weight is great but does it have to involve boring food and feeling hungry all the time? No it does not! You just have to take care of your nutrition and make sure it is balanced with vitamins, proteins, fibre and the necessary…

The 12 Best Natural Laxatives

Irregular bowel movements are common for many people. Sometimes pain and straining becomes the norm. Here are some constipation-busting foods you can use as an effective alternative to chemical solutions.

9 Masks for Dry Hair

Dry hair is a common problem that makes hair more prone to breakage and can also make it look dull and lifeless. Dry hair is caused by many things, including hair dryers and over-use of hair products. Hair masks can…

Natural Remedies for Scars

Wounds that could become scars must be treated quickly – not only because of how they will look, but to give the skin a chance to heal completely. Help the healing process with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. You can also prepare a natural balm for…

Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

We all suffered from uncomfortable, annoying acne to some degre during our teenage years. Often, it’s related to hormonal changes and really affects the way our faces look.  But it’s equally unpleasant to reach maturity and be left with unsightly marks…

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