9 Tips for Naturally Shiny Hair

Your barnet, your crowning glory…whatever you call it, you want it to look its best. For naturally shiny hair, look no further than your kitchen cupboard. We’re going to divulge a few juicy secrets to give you tresses that would make Rapunzel…

Banana Peel Uses

Banana peels get thrown into the rubbish more often than not. But why not explore all of the useful ways a banana skin can work for you! They’re truly amazing, so whether you’ve got acne or have run out of…

The 12 Best Natural Laxatives

Irregular bowel movements are common for many people. Sometimes pain and straining becomes the norm. Here are some constipation-busting foods you can use as an effective alternative to chemical solutions.

3 Natural Exfoliants for Radiant Skin

Your skin is exposed to continuous battering by the elements – and it shows if you neglect it. Choose natural exfoliants to keep skin at its most radiant. Combine good treatment with a healthy lifestyle, and you can win the…

Improve Your Memory With These Smoothie Recipes

Memory is closely linked to diet and proper nutrition. Studies support the brain’s need for certain nutrients to help it stay active and retain information. For your brain’s optimal health, the foods you eat are as important as the lifestyle you lead.