Tips for Eliminating Smelly Underarms

Tips for Eliminating Smelly Underarms

Last update: 12 October, 2022

Ever felt like you just don’t seem to be able to keep yourself clean and fresh in the underarm area? These quick and easy tips are going to help you work out how to get yourself back in that sweet-smelling spot!

Thoroughly wash your underarms

Keeping yourself squeaky clean is the first step to excellent underarm hygiene. Shower or have a bath once a day and wash away the microscopic bacteria that naturally live on your skin.

Ironically, people that sweat a normal amount may smell less than people that don’t, because the larger amount of sweat washes the bacteria away! If you’re a nervous sweater, you may be smellier than people who don’t react in the same way.

Concentrate your washing efforts on the areas you sweat the most. You don’t need to go crazy with the soap, or soap your whole body. That can dry out your skin. Wash thoroughly under the arms, dry your skin, then check that you smell fresh. This is the sign you need to make sure your skin is clean.

Make sure that no residue is left behind

When it comes to residues, you might find that your deodorant is difficult to remove, or that soapy or sweaty residues are left on your skin after washing. Rinse your body thoroughly after washing, and wash with soap. Simple as that.

Use baking soda


It seems like a strange solution to body odour, but have you tried using baking soda under your arms? Many have been surprised and delighted after using baking soda for the first time. Just rub a little into your clean, dry underarms.

In case of excessive body odour

  • Take clean clothes with you if you’re going to be out and about for long periods of time, along with your favourite deodorant to re-apply during the day.
  • Exercise! Sweat! When your body has already released toxins as a result of a good sweat while you jogged round the park or gave yourself a good steaming at the sauna, later sweat will be purer. Give it a go!
  • Wash more than once per day. If you’re getting ready to go somewhere, wash beforehand. Change your clothes, and reapply your deodorant.
  • Relax! Nervous sweat is the worst. Find a way to work on your stress management, or change your life so you’re doing something you’re happier doing.

When choosing clothing…


Make sure it’s loose! You don’t have to wander around in huge clothes, just make sure there is some airflow around the underarm area!

Sleeveless tops can work well during summer, when you’re sweating more. Using a strappy top and a cardigan can work well in chilly climes, and during spring and autumn, when the weather is more unpredictable.

When you go indoors, take off enough clothes for your body to acclimatise to the temperature inside the building where you are, then start adding layers once your body is ready.

Used clothing isn’t a good idea for people who sweat quite a bit. It is likely to already have oils and a scent from the person that used to wear it! Try to buy new clothes where possible for a fresher wardrobe.

Eat healthily

Toxins come out of the skin and create a specific mixture of compounds that can smell quite strongly, depending on the type of toxin. When you’re detoxing, for example, you might notice that everything that is excreted from the body changes, your sweat included.

The key to preventing this is to first detox, and get all those toxins out! Then maintain a healthy diet and enjoy how much fresher and cleaner everything smells.

Shave you armpits

The bacteria present on the hair under unshaved underarms has its own specific scent. Keeping your underarms hair-free is the best way to keep them smelling better, for longer! There is a variety of different hair-removal methods available now, so if you don’t like shaving, check out your alternatives.

Use anti-perspirant instead of deodorant


Anti-perspirants block your pores and stop you from sweating. They can also therefore reduce the amount of bacteria that starts to grow under there! Since aluminium is not good for our health, it’s best to wash and use a regular deodorant during the night. Your skin is designed to breathe, and may get irritated if it doesn’t ever get the chance!