Tips on How to Get a Good Night of Rest After a Long Day

Tips on How to Get a Good Night of Rest After a Long Day

Last update: 15 May, 2015

We are a stressed out nation that works hard to play hard. Many of us spend excruciatingly long hours sitting in a chair, straining our eyes, all while staring at the computer during any given normal work week. When we return home to our house after spending hours at the office, we try to do our best to wind down. Exercise, nourishing our body with a hearty dinner and taking a bath are all excellent practices to distress after a long day. If you find yourself unable to relax after a long day at the office or on the job, below are four little known tips to help you unwind.

Turn the computer off

In today’s technology fanatic world, it seems as though everyone is attached to their cell phones, computers and other gadgets 24/7. Being nose deep in your technological devices during the day is one thing, but new studies are proving that being on your computer or mobile late at night can actually prevent a good night´s rest. So why does using your mobile before bed disrupt sleep? Research shows that the artificial light produced from some devices may alter brain chemicals that are essential for a good night of rest. If you are suffering from being unable to get a good night´s rest as of late, try staying off your computer and mobile for at least a few hours before getting into bed.

Take a bath

The internal temperature of your body naturally drops during the night, and continues to drop while you sleep. By taking a hot bath, you elevate your body temperature and the quick drop in temperature when you get out causes your body to relax into a deep night of rest. If baths on not your style, opt for a steamy hot shower as it has the same effect. If you have candles or a dimmer light, use to naturally woo your body into a relaxed state. Low-lit lighting also promotes restful sleep.


Drink Tea

There are a plethora of bedtime teas available in almost ever supermarket around the world. There are a few teas you can choose to help promote a restful night of sleep. Chamomile tea is the rock star of bedtime teas. Evidence supports the idea that it has sedative properties, helping your body ease into a relaxed state. Valerian tea is another good option as it not only helps with relieving tension, but also has been shown to help alleviate nervousness and anxiety. Lavender is another helpful herb that aids in alleviating stress and tension. If you can´t find lavender in tea form, try scoping out how it performs as an oil tincture and use a drop or two on your pillow before going to sleep.

Clean sheets

A dirty bed means an itchy bed and an itchy bed equals an itchy body, all of which do not promote a good night of restful sleep. Many factors contribute to an itchy and irritating bed. Cleanliness, however, is usually considered one of the main culprits. Every time we get into bed we are carrying dirty and pollutants from the outside. If you are not careful about washing your sheets on a weekly basis, dirt build-up can cause a unhealthy and irritating night of rest. Bed bugs are also a factor and like to nest and breed where it is moist and unclean. If you are finding that your night has been restless due to itchiness of the skin, wash your sheets immediately and try to be consistent, washing them at least once every week.

Read a book

We all are familiar with the idea that reading a good book before bedtime is a natural way to ease your body into a good night´s rest. They key however, is to choose a book that is complimentary to promoting a good night of rest. This means choosing a book that is not too serious, dark or intense. A book with a collection of short-essays on light topics or poetry is a good option. Short-stories on jovial subjects is also a good idea. Try getting into bed at least one hour before you anticipate on sleeping, curled up with a light-hearted book and start to naturally pacify your body into a restful state.