Top 5 Tips to Feel Happy

Top 5 Tips to Feel Happy

Last update: 15 April, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, happiness is not caused by those around us. External events can have a temporary effect on our mod but true happiness comes from within. We are in control of our own happiness. Here are the top 5 tips to feel happy.

Your own thoughts and actions are the key to your own happiness. This is where you start.

1. Find enjoyment

The old saying “the best things in life are free” is so true. If you have the correct attitude, you can find enjoyment wherever you go and whatever you do. The key to happiness is in allowing simple things to give you pleasure – then you will often feel happy. You can be in charge of creating your own enjoyment. Start by learning what makes you happy. It could be time with friends or time alone with a good book. Open up your mind and try new things. They might be the key to your future happiness.

2. You are never too old to play!

Playing is good for the soul. Find your favorite game – it can be physical or sedentary. If should be pointless – the purpose is just to have fun. You can roll around in the mud if you like. If you can get others to join in then that’s great. It can be outsied or inside but it is great if it involves physical activity. You will produce endorphins which will are nature’s way of making us feel happy.

3. No drama

Many of us are guilty of making a drama out of a crisis. We also make a drama out of everyday events. Just calm down and put things into perceptive. See the funny side of things if you possibly can – there is usually humour in every situation.

Try not to internalise all the drama that appears on the news. Remember that this is external to you and you cannot do anything about it. Build a protective wall around yourself so that it cannot affect you. There is no point in you feeling sad about things that are happening miles away and that you cannot control.

You are in control, however, of how much you give to others. Just because those around you are making a huge drama out of small things does not mean that you have to become involved or that you haven’t helped them. Make sure that you look after yourself first. Try putting your own happiness before that of other people for a change. You are worth it.

4. Peace is happiness


You cannot feel happy if you are not peaceful. Start by taking a deep breath and slowly breathing out. Stressed people are rarely happy. Start to feel the peace in natural surroundings. Take off your shoes and socks and feel the earth or grass beneath your feet. If you connect in a physical way with the earth it will help you to feel natural happiness. Find a peaceful place like a beach or a forest or a park in the middle of a city where you can get away from it all. Practice steady breathing and other relaxation techniques such as listening to relaxing music and visualisation. Meditation is a great way of finding inner peace and happiness. This is easy to do and costs nothing.

5. Self acceptance

Happy people love themselves and are not bothered if other people do! You cannot be happy if you do not accept that you are not perfect. No-one is perfect, so don’t waste your time even thinking about being perfect. Self-acceptance is the opposite of self-loathing and is the key to happiness. Once you have accepted your own faults and strengths your self-esteem will rise and you will feel better about yourself. Make a start by writing down some good things about yourself. They do not have to be major academic achievements! Are you a good friend? Are you a good mother? Can you cook a great cake? All of these are true strengths and something to be proud of. Start to be proud of yourself and value yourself as a person. Soon you will start to feel so much more positive and happier.