How to Treat Sinusitis Naturally

How to Treat Sinusitis Naturally

Last update: 12 August, 2015

The treatment of sinusitis can be aided by avoiding certain mucus-forming foods; for example, refined flours, milk, and performing nasal treatments.

So, what is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is, essentially, the inflammation of the nasal sinus cavities that are located within and around the bones surrounding the nose. This inflammation can become acute and chronic for a variety of reasons.

If you’re looking for a simple, natural and inexpensive way to help treat sinusitis and the symptoms it causes, such as: congestion and a stuffy nose, mucus, headaches in specific areas of the head, coughs and fatigue, then just read through this article! We’ll also tell you a bit about which foods cause excessive mucus, worsening sinusitis, and offer some advice on how to naturally treat sinusitis.

Natural treatments

This is a simple, natural way to treat sinusitis, as well as being ineffective and a very effective remedy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Tibetin neti pot, made of ceramic or plastic: if you think this looks like a little teapot, you’re not wrong! It allows you to rinse and open up your nasal passages when they’re congested. You can find neti pots at health food shops, or shops that sell general health products. They’re generally regarded as being more healthy than other treatments, such as aggressive sprays that can be too forceful for the delicate nasal area.
  • Sea water: mixed with normal water, two and a half parts of regular water, to one part sea water. Again, you can find sea water at health food shops, as well as some supermarkets and shops that sell a bit of everything. If you can’t find any sea water, though, you can “do it yourself” by mixing up a litre of natural water with three teaspoons of sea salt until the salt has completely dissolved.


How to use the neti pot

In order to use your neti pot to clear out your sinuses you should:

  • Make sure your pot is completely clean before use. Likewise, ensure the water you’re using is clean
  • Put some of your salt water and normal water solution into the pot, and put a container in a position to catch any falling water, to avoid making a mess
  • Make sure you leave your mouth open, so you can breathe, and then lean forward over your container
  • Put the neti pot against your left nostril, relax yourself, and allow the water to flow through, and back out of your right nostril.
  • Once you’ve done that, carefully clean your nose. Breathe gently to get rid of the excess mucus and toxins in your nose. 
  • Repeat the same process with your right nostril


Benefits of using a neti pot

If you make use of a neti pot, you’ll be able to take advantage of these benefits:

  • You’ll find yourself better able to breathe
  • You’ll be helping your body eliminate the mucus in your nose, as well as bacteria and toxins
  • The water will help clean and remove congestion from other areas, such as your eyes, ears and nose
  • Help to activate nerve endings that are connected to your brain
  • Helps to alleviate migraines
  • You’ll see an improvement in your concentration
  • You may find you’re able to sleep better, and see a relief in insomnia
  • Creating an overall sense of well-being, and relaxation
  • The treatment will reduce the likelihood of you snoring

Foods that promote mucus production

Something that is as important as cleansing your naval cavities is avoiding foods which promote the production of mucus. The sorts of foods that you should try and avoid if possible are:

  • Milk, and other lactose products. Especially from cows. You can substitute these things with goat, sheep and other animal products – or from vegetables! Vegetables you can use are oatmeal, rice, or almond milk.
  • Refined flours, those found in bread and pastries in particular. You should try and limit your intake of these products, and substitute with dextrin bread, or rice or corn cakes.


Extra advice

Other than a neti pot, you can try these old treatments to help relieve sinusitis:

  • A nettle herbal tea: This will help cleanse and eliminate mucus from within your body
  • Crushed garlicCrushed garlic has a mucolytic effect which helps your body reduce mucus. You can add it to the foods you eat, or try the Tibetan Garlic Cure, or take garlic supplements if you have trouble digesting garlic.
  • Alongside these, there is an Ancient Indian remedy that uses Hopi, or ear candles, which are artisan cones made from herbs, beeswax and medicinal extracts that work easily, and are effective. The wax works to eliminate wax and toxins from the ear, it also cleans all the sinus cavities within the head. These candles are found in some pharmacies, or health food stores. You shouldn’t be used if you’ve got a burst eardrum, any allergies, or skin problems on your outer, or if you have an ear infection. Make sure you read all instructions carefully before you perform any sort of treatment.

Images courtesy of Chiot’s Run, Suzanne Schroeter, and Breigh Hammarlund.