Tricks for Rejuvenating Your Eyes

Tricks for Rejuvenating Your Eyes

Last update: 25 June, 2015

Waking up with dark circles under your eyes is both unsightly and uncomfortable. Usually dark circles are due to lack of sleep, dehydration and environmental pollutants. Sometimes those dark hues underneath your eyes are due to your genetic inheritance. Red eyes are another common ailment and can be due to lack of sleep or staring at the computer screen for too long. Luckily, there are many ways to pacify otherwise red, puffy or dark eyes. Below are a few tips to rejuvenate and relieve persistent and aggravating eye conditions.

Dark circles

The first step to treating dark, red or puffy eyes is to identify the culprit. Dark circles are usually a sign of lack of sleep. When your body doesn’t relax into a full state of rest, the skin becomes pale and the blood underneath the skin becomes visible. The result is a blue or purple hue that creates a dark ring around your eyes. Getting adequate sleep is the first step in alleviating dark circles under the eyes. If you are suffering from serious sleep deprivation make sure you consult your doctor.

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Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are a common symptom of fluid retention. Fluid retention can occur for a number of reasons. One of the most common is overconsumption of salty foods. If you eat a high salt diet you may notice that your hands are puffy as well. To relieve puffy eyes, refrain from eating salty foods just before bedtime. You can also try placing cucumbers underneath your eyes. Cucumber is rich in vitamin C and caffeic acid which helps to moisturise and supports healthy tissue production. A splash of cold water can also help to stimulate circulation and aid in reducing swelling.

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Red eyes

Computer eye strain is one of the most common causes of red eye syndrome. With almost everyone in the world connected to some type of technological device it is no wonder why so many people suffer with red eye strain. Red eye strain is often caused by excessive bright light from artificial sources such as computers, iphones and other devices. It can also be caused by strong sunlight that enters through a window. If you notice lately that your eyes have been red or blood shot, then it may be time to modify the lighting in your environment. Your office space should be free from fluorescent lighting. If you have fluorescent lights in your office try shutting them off and using a lamp instead. If harsh sunlight is streaming into your office on a daily basis, invest in curtains, drapes or blinds. If you are on your mobile or computer the majority of the day, turn down the brightness in your settings. Your brightness of your computer should be about half as bright as what you assume. Investing in a LCD screen is also a good investment. Compared to outdated CRT screens, LCD screens are much easier on the eyes.

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Ageing and crow’s feet

Unfortunately some dark circles and lines occur underneath our eyes just due to that pesky little thing called ageing. Crow’s feet, also known as expression lines, are caused by repetitive movements. That means expressions like smiling, frowning and crying can all cause wrinkles and lines on the face. These are all very natural emotions that lead to the breakdown and aging of our skin. As we age, we start to lose collagen and elastin in our body, two very important components for maintaining healthy skin. As you age, the skin around your eyes also becomes thinner, causing wrinkles, bags and circles. There are several ways to treat ageing skin. The first is to stay out of the sun. The sun is proven to speed up the ageing process and create more wrinkles on the skin. If you are an avid sungoer, make sure you use sunblock that is SPF 50 or more. To combat crow’s feet and wrinkles try using egg-whites. Egg-whites are excellent for appeasing fine-lines and wrinkles. Just take one large egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. Use clean fingers and scoop up some of the egg white and apply directly onto the skin beneath your eyes. Let dry for about 5 to 7 minutes. You may notice the skin under your eyes start to tighten. Wash off with a non-scented soap.

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