Weight Loss Infusions

Weight Loss Infusions

Last update: 14 July, 2015

Little by little, you can start adding new foods to your daily routine and after a couple of months, see some big changes. Consistency is all you need, and these weight loss infusions! Put the kettle on and make yourself a nice cuppa.

There are some herbs that work really well for fluid retention of all kinds. Others gently stimulate the system and increase your metabolism without you even noticing! There are even some teas that calm your nerve and stop you reaching out for that naughty biscuit or two during your breaks at work or college. Check out the best ones, listed right here for you to perusal.



Artichoke tea is an infusion that has both diuretic properties and depurative properties, so it’s great for liver and kidneys, too. It’s great for your general health, but mostly for losing weight and lowering cholesterol.

People in Vietnam and South America have been using this tea as a medicinal infusion for a long time. The active ingredient is cinarina, but it is also rich in folic acid, vitamins A, B and C, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

It stimulates the circulation, eases nausea, tummy ache, constipation, diarrhoea and stomach acidity, relaxes the stomach and reduces appetite, regulates your blood sugar and eliminates urine retention problems.

To make yourself a lovely artichoke infusion, simple use 12 artichoke leaves, and soak them in a cupful of boiling water for around 15 minutes. Sip it after dinner, and add some stevia or honey if they bitterness gets to you.

Green tea

Would you believe that green tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world? More people drink green tea than anything else, after water! Obviously, that means there are a lot of people in Asia drinking it every day. There are a lot of different types of green tea, but all of them contain some great antioxidants and gentle stimulating caffeine that will keep you warm and satisfied for longer without food.


Valerian root is great for insomnia as it calms the central nervous system. It also happens to be a natural diuretic and causes your body to naturally drop an annoying water weight you might not even realise you have! Don’t drink valerian root tea before bed if you already have trouble with waking up needing the loo.

Boil the root in water to make a lightly-flavoured tea. Don’t go crazy with it cause it can cause drowsiness.


There are four ways grapefruit can help you get rid of excess or unwanted body weight. It gently curbs cravings, stabilises blood sugar, acts as a low-calorie alternative to other foods and it keep you feeling fuller when you make the most of its pulpy goodness. The citric sweetness also cuts through fat in the body, supports optimum liver health and it’s tasty, too.

In the same way that you would make a hot lemon and honey drink, use grapefruit juice and make yourself a hot grapefruit and honey tea and enjoy its astringent effects on your body and skin.

Apple and cinnamon


An apple and cinnamon drink was liked by millions of people online for its metabolism speeding up properties. Apples contain antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin C and B vitamins and they reduce your risk of developing diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Cinnamon lowers cholesterol, and when used together, they produce a doubly delicious weight loss drink!

To make the tea, thinly slice and apple and put the slices into the bottom of a large cup. Over it with a teaspoon of cinnamon, then add boiling hot water.

Linseed and aloe vera

Linseed is full of omega 3 oils and aloe vera is mineral-rich and aids digestion. Together they provide your body with some excellent fuel for the weight loss fight. Put a teaspoon of both into a cup and sweeten with stevia.


Horsetail is kind on the silhouette and the bones. It’s also great for sore throats, but to use it for weight loss, you’ll want to maximise its diuretic qualities. Don’t take horsetail tea for more than six weeks at a time, as it can make you lose potassium through your wee and you’ll end up with a deficiency.

To make the tea, boil some horsetail herb, available at most health food shops, and allow it to cool before drinking.