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We want to give you the answers to all those concerns you may have about illnesses, treatments, mental health, nutrition, life as a couple, motherhood, home, and more.

For years – and with the help of a complete team of writers, editors, and health professionals – we’ve strived to build a complete library of articles with information that’s of interest, is supported by evidence, and, above all, easy to understand.

Feeling well and being in good health is a common goal among people. Hence the need to learn about good habits and access resources to improve lifestyle. Of course, in this process, hundreds of doubts arise. At Step to Health, we’re constantly working to support, inspire, and guide our users.

We simplify complex health issues and focus on providing clear, concise, and reliable answers to help you make the best decisions regarding diseases, nutrition, mental health, habits, relationships, home, maternity, and more.


Our values

As a brand that promotes health and wellness in a community of millions of readers, at Step to Health, we're aware of the impact of our content. Therefore, we assume the commitment and responsibility of producing positive changes not only in our users, but also on an environmental and societal level.

Without leaving professionalism aside, our team works with empathy and respect for diversity and inclusion. We want to empower all people so that they can take an active role in managing their health and everything associated with it.

Editorial commitment
Editorial commitment

Our commitment is to provide high quality editorial content. We create articles based on rigorous research and simplify complex topics so that anyone can understand them.

Quality guaranteed
Quality guaranteed

The information you'll find here is supported by reliable studies and references that can be consulted in links or bibliographies. In addition, the topics are updated periodically whenever there are new developments.

Expert verification
Expert verification

Each article is created, reviewed, and verified by professionals in each area. We have a complete team made up of journalists, editors, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, dentists, and other collaborators.

Content aligned with its importance

We set strict criteria for the creation of our content. We seek not only to inform, but to connect with our users. Therefore, we take care of every detail; from the research process, to the opinion of experts in each topic, to the implementation of a language that's accessible, understandable. and inclusive.


Our contents are based on evidence or professional criteria, with the commitment to provide accurate and reliable information.


Our clinical content undergoes a review process with healthcare professionals to ensure the accuracy of the information.


We engage multiple voices, identities, and perspectives to ensure diverse and inclusive content

Our team of experts

It's clear to us that health and wellness issues shouldn't be taken lightly. Therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to provide the highest quality information by integrating professionals from different areas of health into the ranks of our team.

Doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists, physiotherapists, trainers, biologists, and experts in other areas join us to support us in our mission to guide you with accurate, reliable, and evidence-based content.

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