The Worst Foods You Can Eat

The Worst Foods You Can Eat

Last update: 02 August, 2015

The odd indulgence probably isn’t going to do you much harm. A little junk food here and there won’t ruin everything, but when you eat foods like these on a regular basis, you can guarantee that your health won’t be as good as it could be. Find out which ones are the worst.

Don’t be too scared. Yes, these foods are very unhealthy, but if your diet is generally very good, eating a medium-sized portion of one or two of these foods once or twice per month isn’t going to kill you or stop you from achieving your health goals once you have reached your ideal weight.

Make sure you eat plenty of portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Sip water and keep yourself hydrated, and add fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices to your routine. Nuts, seeds and other sources of omega oils and healthy fats should be on your plate or in your bad to snack on. Make healthy recipes and enjoy your food, and you won’t be as likely to reach for the following health-reducing foods!


Sausages are a processed food. They include salami, bologna, hot dogs and everything in between. When you process meat it preserves it. It might be smoked, cured, salted or chemicals might be added to make sure it doesn’t go off in your fridge. However, this also means that sausages contain very little nutrients. Eating a lot of sausages has been linked with illnesses like colon cancer.

French fries and other types of chips


Whether its oven chips, french fries from a fast food place or thick chips from your local chippy, this is one of the worst things you can eat! They have little or no nutritional value. They are just salted, deep-fried starch. They’re high in fat (and not the good kind, even if they say they’re fried in sunflower oil or “light” oil. Nope. They are bad for your heart, contain loads of salt, and many contain acrylamide, a cancer-causing substance that is produced when food is fried in oil at high temperatures.

Ice cream

Ice cream is the worst of both worlds: it’s heavy cream, which is chock full of cholesterol, and a massive amount of sugar. It’s tempting, and alluring, but a couple of spoonfuls is all you should really eat if you’re on any kind of health kick!

Look for alternatives, which are dairy-free and made with low glycaemic ingredients, but always try to minimise the amount of processed food you eat. Opt for smaller portions and add lots of fruit, nuts and other more nutrient-dense, fresh foods on top.

Juices, soft drinks, and other sugary beverages


After water, fizzy drinks are one of the most popular drinks. Gallons of “pop” are guzzled down every year around the world, as if it wasn’t one of the worst things to consume.

Juices and other sugary beverages are included in this category of terrible health-inducing foods, because they are just as bad. It’s the sugar content that ruins these drinks, although opting for sugar-free options hardly improves the situation. Think diabetes, rising blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and osteoporosis.

Go for fresh, unsweetened smoothies and juices, which contain nutrition and make a healthy alternative when you’re thirsty, or drink lemon water.


The average burger contains about 20 percent fat, so they’re full of cholesterol and salt and other nasties. Ask any vegetarian, and they’ll tell you that burger companies slide in some rather unsavoury parts of the animal into burgers. Ears, and things. And that’s when the animals are healthy. It’s always better to choose organic meat where possible, and go for lean cuts that are from a reputable source.


Most people know that pizza isn’t a healthy food. Once slice of New York-style pizza can contain as much as 500 calories, 10 grams of saturated fat. Deep-dish styles make the situation worse, as they are often loaded with butter. Add some salami and cheese, and you’re done for. When eating pizza, choose a thin crust, blot off the oil on top, lose the meat and load it with vegetables to increase its nutrient content!